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Hey brother I havenā€™t really been posting much just here and there but ive been watching your posts. Your not far away from a really good weight to be at.


thank you :smiley:ā€¦ yes almostā€¦once i break into the teens it will be sooo awesomeā€¦then i set my eyes on 200 lbs


thank you @John ā€¦just keep trying every little bit


Thank u @Bigmurph i feel like i am trying to do a safe crash landing of a plane that just got a hole blown in the side of it in the war of life :rofl::rofl::rofl: !! once all is fixed i will be up and flying again shortly thank u so much becausr of you and your site and awesome moderators that have a hands on approach has been extremely helpful for accountability


sorryā€¦i promiseā€¦when ever u have time to read all the stuff i will tell u aboutā€¦u will seeā€¦its been a desasterā€¦lets just say ā€¦ANOTHER messā€¦some how after pulling a 38 hr str8 work dealā€¦tell u about that issueā€¦got to sleep finally friday last friday nightā€¦fine all day saturdayā€¦(this is the last week before this past weekend)ā€¦

BAM!..really bad head ache sunday morningā€¦bef ridden most all dayā€¦monday cameā€¦woke up with itā€¦went away for a bitā€¦did gym out that day ā€¦then it came backā€¦and stayed all night and all day tuesdayā€¦then it slowly went awayā€¦then ā€¦i felt like a walking radiatiorā€¦i was freaking outā€¦wtf?! ā€¦so i was in and out of temperarure issues the nexf two daysā€¦went in for blood workā€¦got it back this past saturdayā€¦red and while bloodcells are high. a few other things are high and liver enzymes are highā€¦so now today i will be heading to the hospital to try and get this resolved and see what this thing is in my body and get rid of it!!..i did manage to get two days in of some work outā€¦will show all thatā€¦its a mess and i am freaking outā€¦sickness like thes never happens to me at most i would get a 24 hr pr 48 hr flue or wierd coldā€¦and and thats even rareā€¦ it canā€™t be any kind of STDs because I would have to be having sex for that and to be honest thatā€™s been dried up for over 10 yearsā€¦ zero human contactā€¦so if I get anything of the sortā€¦ thereā€™s some form of STD thatā€™s airborne. knowing my luck so farā€¦i would be the first on record! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

This is been the latest of a series of things thatā€™s really screwing up my fitness agenda Iā€™m hoping to get past these nightmares very short so I can get back on my plan I donā€™t know whatā€™s happening but this is just crazy alreadyā€¦


Sorry bro!!! Keep your head up and stay strong and donā€™t let this rock you. Keep after it and feel better.


Dam bro I am not happy to hear that for you. Keep us updated.


I donā€™t like RBC and WBC both high. Get to the bottom of it.


MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU!! :smiley::smiley::smiley:


Stop Whining and Start Doing is something I say to myself when life gets tough. Hard times build character and I have learned no matter how bad it seems in the moment everything works out in the end.


lol! roll with the punches as they sayā€¦the alcohol free onesā€¦unfortunately :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

i do make a wicked punch though

just sayin :rofl:


finally i am feelin that fire againā€¦earlier today i did a 30 minute work outā€¦8 sets on tbe flat benchā€¦yesterday i got a small work out in 6 sets on incline chest

yesterdayā€¦saturday morningā€¦ inclineā€¦
135 lbsā€¦20 repsā€¦2 sets
155 lbsā€¦15 repsā€¦2 sets
175 lbsā€¦12 repsā€¦2 sets

total repsā€¦94

today sunday morningā€¦flatā€¦
135 lbsā€¦20 repsā€¦2 sets
155 lbsā€¦15 repsā€¦2 sets
175 lbsā€¦12 reps. 2 sets
195 lbsā€¦8 repsā€¦2 sets

total repsā€¦106

late night early morning sun-mon


6 sets of 15 pull ups with band assist

total repsā€¦90

close grip lat pull downsā€¦

stayed at 90 lbsā€¦8 sets of 15ā€¦controlled

total repsā€¦120

wide grip seated rowsā€¦focus on keeping the tension i pulling and releasingā€¦

110 lbsā€¦20 repsā€¦2 sets
120 lbsā€¦20 repsā€¦2 sets
130 lbsā€¦20 repsā€¦2 sets
140 lbsā€¦20 repsā€¦2 sets
150 lbsā€¦20 repsā€¦2 sets

total repsā€¦200

this concludes gym for sundayā€¦coulda kept goingā€¦but i should rest :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Good to be back at it bro


fasted cardio doneā€¦i did itā€¦back at handling 65 minutes wohoo!! :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:ā€¦did resistance 16 ā€¦hillā€¦alternating 10 minutes with arms forward and reverse then 10 mins just legs forwards and reverseā€¦to whole 65 minutesā€¦on the 5 minutes cool down i kept bumping it up to resistance 17 except the last minute let it stay at 12

tonight is shouldersā€¦finallyā€¦been a month i think since i tore up my right shoulder and finally able to get back at itā€¦my traps and rear and front delts were looking so niceā€¦they kinda faded and i was freaking outā€¦but my body is reponding pretty quickly to the work out and maintaining pumpsā€¦finally feeling that mind muscle connection again

so shoulders later! :smiley::smiley:




thanks man


second gym time for mondayā€¦

shoulders. .arnoldsā€¦did lighterā€¦shoulder is still slightly pinchy and i cant do side latterals as yet nor front raisesā€¦the area i injured i guess affects those muscles and tendons used for those exercisesā€¦any waysā€¦

20 lbsā€¦20 repsā€¦2 setsā€¦super set with 20 dumbell curls in between each set

25 lbsā€¦20 repsā€¦2 setsā€¦super set with 15 dumbell curls in between each set

30 lbsā€¦15 repsā€¦2 setsā€¦super set with 15 dumbell curls with the 25 pounder in between each setā€¦

total arnoldsā€¦110 reps
total curlsā€¦100 reps

then i did shrugs with the 60 pounder

6 sets of 25 reps

total reps ā€¦150

then i did cambered chin raises on the cableā€¦i was pinching a bit in the right shoulderā€¦but with slight adjustment i eas able to manage the exerciseā€¦

50 lbsā€¦20 repsā€¦2 setsā€¦super set with 64 crunches in between each set

60 lbsā€¦20 repsā€¦2 setsā€¦super set with 64 crunches in between each set

70 lbsā€¦20 repsā€¦2 setsā€¦super set with 64 crunches in between each set

total chin raisesā€¦120
total crunchesā€¦384

that concludes mondayā€™s second gym time


Is this your private gym, i see there a lot great stuff :slightly_smiling_face:


It is, he has a shit ton of things. I wish I had all that in my basement homegym!!