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Dam it I was reading and thinking this guy is super fucking dediccated, he is jus gonnna lay around in the gym til the motivation comes and then when it does your body’s like NEGATIVE your not working out. I still can’t even fathom working out that late, if I can’t fit in the gym by 1 in the afternoon then it doesn’t happen


yes i do


yes…i do thag lol! i will throw my self in the gym and lay on a bench or sit on a machine do a set…then next thing u know i am doing all kinds a stuff :rofl::rofl::rofl:…in this case ripping off my shoulder :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


But I will say my shoulders felt nice and pumps though after that little workout…my traps felt amd looked pretty good and i feel the work out pretty good today even…a lile pumped still…when i am on a mission any time is gym time for me in fact i beleive by having no set gum time…i keeps tbe body guessing and results are faster because the expectation and stored energy for a particular time period is not stored and brcome a routine the body expects…so in a sense that also sho,ks the body…but ofcourse still be well within recovery before the next torture :rofl::rofl:


Ha ha I always go 5x a week but sometimes I lack the intensity to go hard all 5 days


Nice see you get it in 5 days a week solid that’s pretty cool man that’s motivating whether it’s hard that you go at it all 5 days or couple days point is you go Solid 5 days a week that’s pretty nice sometimes I get screwed up and go into times three times a week because of my schedule


Your log I guess is on a different setting. Doesn’t go directly to me. Great job. Not possible injury but loss of lbs and being veiny like lettuce. Your out at gyms too. Your hitting everything you said in the beginning. That’s great.


Hey @Fitraver you still doing that cardio dance festival, drug induced raving , no shirt trance, sex fest , I’m the biggest guy at any of these things, so yes ill have sex with all your women, im insanely jealous , EDI shows? Or did you have to cut back. Just wondering…


i have no clue on the settings lol!..i even notice for some reason…when i click on my link in the general area…it opens up in a sort of sub catagory…then i have to click on it again to get into my log where as before i just clicked on it in the general feed and it opened directly into my log. so…if there are some settings that need to be set right and it if should route to u as well please help me out :smiley::smiley::smiley:

thank u so much it has been a guge struggle because of my jobs…pretty impossible almost for instance…was up at 7 45 am…job by 10 30 after errands for hob…left job at 7 pm…prepping now for another job the past 4 hrs…then havebto deliver by 5 am…then get home take a shower freshen up for a 3 hr job…then to the main job…and the ONLY reason why i wont be preppinv for phase 3 of 4 for the job i am doing now is because i must sleep eventually…though i have been up for 3 days str8 befor…longest was 4.5 days :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: i imagine you and @Fitraver would like like u are from tbe Avengers team. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Haha well that’s about the worst description ever of a music festival but yes I stil go to them lol


It was like a 88% complement…I dont really think your tripping on DMT like Mr Dorian Yates, All the gals are.


Dorian was into dmt?! Lol


Now he is. He discusses it a ton on youtube now. He also prfers it over ayawhateverthespellingisasca, he talks with joe rogan about following the week of prep and having a Shaman there.


That’s crazy. And I also have no clue how to spell that word but know what you mean


Great log buddy and I commend your dedication. Not only to maintain the log but to yourself. Keep it up.

“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.” -Sun Tzu


so last night…aftet two days with just two hrs of sleep…i had to do something in yhe gym along with other needed things i had to do before going to sleep…at that point i could fall asleep standing if i stood still for more that a few minutes…

so the plan was after much mental deliberation…

do a 30 minute intense cardio and close it off with an hr weights while the work cloths wash…an hr…so u did the 35 minutes…

leveos 16 and 17 resistance…forward and back wards…5 minute intervals…arm and legs tge just legs…the last 20 minutes i left it at 17 and also did my cool down at 17 so i really had no cool down cus i really wanted land atleast 600 cals…ok so i did it

wwent on the flat bench did 4 set oc 64 crunches…about to do flat …laying there for a sec…

i fell asleep :neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face: :rofl::rofl::rofl:

The tiredness hit me really hard and I tried to lift the bar it was the 44 it was the 55 sound bar along with just two 35s on it and it felt so heavy trying to lift it I said okay it’s not worth injuring myself again or causing injury I already have to get worse so I think I need to just call it a night with that so unfortunately I didn’t get any weights in but I did get some cardio in and the cardio was done like a leg workout in a sense

So that concludes my Thursday night attempt at gym after only barely 2 hours of sleep within 2 days I finally got to bed at 1 a.m. actually 130 but have to get up by 6 a.m. it’s going to be another long day pretty tough day but I guess if I could at least get 30 minutes cardio in and I’m going to turn voice again we will see but I think tonight is another one of those nights where I have to go to my next job right after this job today I’ll be doing three different job so I’m headed to one now then I got another main one and then I got another one tonight after work so I’m most likely to be up till tomorrow again

This concludes the log for Thursday night gym time that sort of didn’t happen :rofl::rofl::rofl:


no i did not fall off the face of the earth. i will explain later been a mess :rofl:


i will say with my messed up series of events…i still managed to loose weight so after i get over this hump i will finally be in the teen by end of next week now that i saw this…


Nice job bro. Almost to teens woohoo! Welcome back.