Gym Pet Peeves


sure there a vid on you tube about a guy with ils ,its worth finding lol


you in prison bro lol


yes yes thats what i do .with the old mike tyson clicking my head side to side .which brings me on to ,guys that use the punch bags ,wtf ,go boxin man punch bag dont hit back man ,and they walk around with a carpet under each arm .should hold them down and pin there lats with a bucket of synthol


Ha ha


The constant grunter and the heavy breather every time he puts a weight down shit drives me up the wall it why I work out at 120-2am I’m by myself


Oh dam that’s late,but I guess it’s worth it, do you work nights to it you jus go to bed really really late?


I’m not a fan of the really old guys in short shorts in my gym that are always doing uncomfortable looking squats on the standing calf raise machine…


Or how about the old, older guys who walk around the locker room completely in the buff with the towel over there shoulder rather around their waist with a cup a coffee in one hand while carrying on conversations with each other.


Yes, Everytime when i go inside locker room, one of them is there , man just go home :slight_smile: ugly


There’s an old dude in my gym that legit uses the locker room like his own bathroom. Shaves, brushes his teeth, put some on after shave, etc. the whole counter of the sink is filled with his shit. ALL while naked after his shower. It’s unreal.


Dude my place too!


Just lovely.


i cringe when i see people walk all over the locker room bare footed…there is fungus among us u know :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Ha ha good one


It’s what time I get up Ed to work the fourms before work


That’s Outfuckingstanding brother, thank you for all the info you have put on here, thanks to you I’m running Proviron and mast which I had over looked and barely researched until your talking about them


Hearing someone negatively criticizing someone else and showering without shower shoes or flip flops. Face touching would be another but that doesn’t happen in the gym without consequences for the violator. :wink:


I hate the dudes that put way too much weight on the bar and do 1/4 reps thinking they are impressing people when they look like complete shit. Walking around with FAS (floating arm syndrome) lol then to top it off they drop and slam the weights for attention. What fkn morons!!!


I do my home gym thing, but when I did go to golds, I would hate it when people played on their cell phone on equipment and would never move knowing people were waiting!


All good points made. Not too much to add. I would have to say the Douche bags that don’t rerack the weights is my biggest pet peeve, followed by the naked old dudes. Have some fucking respect. No one wants to see your shriveled up ball bag. I think they’re pedos. The machine hoggers piss me off as well. But I just hover over them until they move.