Grabbed Some Dragon Pharma Primo 200 and Genos


Got myself a couple Genos and some Dragon Pharma Primo 200!!!

Will be jumping on the primo right away starting tomorrow at 200mg/wk to go with my trt that I will be starting in a week and half. Later I will bump up to 600mg/wk for my next blast. But that’s 10 weeks away or so. The Genos I probably won’t start right away because I have some generics as well and will likely run those first. I also wanna get labs on the mk677 I’m on first.

Excited to get on some primo for my first time!!

Anyone ran any Primo from @PharmaComStore??


I might have some experience with the 200mg/ml. Your going to love it brother.
Just wait one day your going to be working out and say to yourself “damn I feel great” from then on your workout is amazing on primo and wellbeing throughout the day is like a high.

Those genos are what peak my curiosity.


Just pinned up a 1/2ml this morning. I will keep you posted in a few weeks. I think it’ll be an excellent addition to my trt and be fine to be in when I have to pull bloods for the doc. Won’t screw anything up. I’m excited as hell for the Genos. I’ll keep you posted when I start those too.


Nice bro good for you! Ive never tried Genos def curious to hear about them.


I’ll have to let you know how they are. May be a bit tho. I think I’ll prolly do generics first and I got a few kits so could be a little longer than a bit lol. My OCD ass wants to get bloods on this mk677 since I said I woikd for everyone before I start the generics tho. I really wanna start then haha.

Pinned up .5ml of the primo today. I know Iran not much but splitting that 2x a week to hit 200 with my cruise. Was as smooth as can be.


Following along brother


I’ve never heard of Genos. Can you explain to a green guy?


Genos are short for genotropin. It is actual pharmaceutical grade hgh vs Chinese generics.

@Major here is a link to what I got:

We also have the other pharm brand Humatrope found here:

They both do come in lesser iu pens as well.


That’s some pricey supplements.


Yes super pricey but thats what it cost to American pharma grade hgh. Ive run Serostims many times and im currently running supertropins which are extremely high quality pharma grade Chinese hgh. In comparison i dont really notice much of a difference except i was able to run 3ius a day of Serostims now im running 5iu a day of Supertropins. Most people cannot afford to run American pharma grade hgh but if you can than its obviously the best hgh out there. @Fitraver ill def be following along you do such an amazing job with your logs, the attention to detail and your dedication everything you do is the reason you look as good as you do! You the man brotha :facepunch:t2:


Pharmacy grade HGH is expensive anywhere in the world.

If you see these relatively cheap, there’s a good change that they are Chinese generics labeled as pharmacy grade. We would never do that.

Our pharmacy grade HGH goes straight from the distributor to your hands.

Don’t forget that you get a discount code for being a member of UGM and some additional % off for using bitcoin.


You feel like ass on MK yet? I didn’t like it couldn’t stay awake during the day and didn’t see the hype in it versus using gh


I haven’t felt bad at all. Maybe slightly more tired, but nothing that wasn’t manageable. My sleep has been really good as well. Feel totally rested on only like 6 hours sleep or so. I just added in 2iu of gh each morning. Only been 3 days so far. I was going to igf pull bloods on the mk677 alone but couldn’t wait to start the gh haha. I will pull bloods on running both of them tho after about a month. @PHD


Update on this Dragon Pharma primo. So I’ve been running it at 200/wk with my script test at 220/wk. My doc bloods just came back and my total T was around 900 burn my free T was 315!!! Last time for
My doc bloods my total T was almost the exact same but my free T was only 145!! Shows the primo is legit and doing its job. I also have had a really good sex drive even coming down to a cruise does with it added in and muscles are feeling nice and hard.

Now to explain why my free T is so high to my doc lol


“Maybe it´s because I was eating a lot of animal fat during the holidays, doc…”



Haha that’s gunna have to work.


Update on the GH? Have you run bloods on it?


Yes, on only 2.25iu my igf came back at 299 which is awesome. Most go by 100igf per our as a good marker. So that’s well above that.

Thanks for asking. Totally forgot to mention that.