Goodluck PHD - You Got This!


I know I speak for all of UGM when I say goodluck today bro!! You look amazing and hat hard work is gunna pay off!! Bring home that hardware!!!


Best of luck big dog @PHD


Good luck :muscle:


Thanks guys that means a lot


I have to agree brother I saw a picture weeks back and in my opinion you looked better than most of the people that I have seen pictures of that are winning pro competitions.
Don’t even let them just give it to you take that shit like the beast you are.
Best wishes brother


Hell yeah man. Kill it up there.


You’ve got this big guy, best of luck to you!


Good luck brother fucking kill em!


Love it @John def true Jarhead mentality :smiling_imp:


Good luck big dog!


No excuses bro… your the best! Good luck


Murder that shit!


Thanks guys first call out out of 26 guys. Not sure where I landed. Will know tomorrow evening


You got this bro