Good Cycle? Looking for Advice


Hi I’m new to to UG I was wanting some info on a good stack this is my 2nd cycle and I wasn’t very impressed with the 1st one but I’m sure that was due too the gear I was using.


Start by telling us about yourself. Stats? What you ran? How long? Age? Diet? Workouts? Goals of next cycle?

I could prolly think of about 20 more questions to actually answer what you’re wanting. We aren’t magic workers gotta give us something to go on.

Welcome to ugm btw :slight_smile:


I’m 35 year old combat vet. I was using test en and Dianabol to kick start it for 8 weeks 500mgs a week I’m 5 11 170 right now with around 11%body fat it’s been about 3 years since I’ve done it but I know I didn’t research as good as I should have


My diet was ok and that I’m not worried to much about and working out I’ve established a good base over the years being in the infantry I just want to know a good stack for bulking and putting on lean muscle


Honestly man, we can give you typical “bulking” compounds but your diet is 100% key to your gains. If you have that in check and eat on a strict meal
Plan counting macros that will be your biggest win for the cycle. Diet being “ok” will not cut it. Any compound will help you.

For a second run I’d suggest test and eq. 600 test c/e and 6-800eq. Proper ai. Proper liver support. Proper diet/training/sleep. You’ll get results.


What ai would u suggest during and what for pct


Also what would be good for the liver?


Welcome to UGM boss, thank you for your service!

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Welcome tp the UGM fam bro! I would suggest learning how to tracking , weigh, and measure your calories and adjust your diet before worrying as much about gear. You can take all the gear in the world and look like shit because you diet sucks balls. That being said i would suggest arimidex and .5mgs every other day with the cycle @Fitraver suggested. And for liver support nothing beats tudca. Olympus labs makes a very high quality version. Milk thistle and NAC in addition will cover liver health as a trio.


I would go with adex at .5mg eod (or .25 ed) as @MBTJR1980 said and pull bloods after 4 full weeks on. Get both test LC/ms-ms and your estradiol tested. You could also start with aromasin at 12.5 eod. For liver I like liv52 and NAC for that cycle. I don’t add Tudca unless on an oral.


"My diet was ok."

That is the problem. OK diet makes for mediocre results. It also shows that you lack some discipline in your life that could be spilling over into other areas like training, intensity, and general lifestyle. We can’t out train a poor diet or out diet poor training. If we aren’t impressed with our cycle results we only have ourselves to blame. :wink:

To get the most out of any cycle we have to get the other things right before our very first pin! Its a learning process BIA…

My suggestion is to repeat your first cycle with a different mindset. Test & dbol is an excellent early stage cycle.

Method (Time + Consistency) = Results

Good luck.


Couldnt said it better myself great post big dog!!


I sense some discipline areas that need worked on before committing to a long winded EQ cycle.


Mass mindset…

Hey I don’t know how to diet properly and I am not willing to train hard. I know. I’ll just do steroids and everything will be copacetic.

Some of us have been there and had to learn the hard way. It is a lot of wasted time, money and energy. Unrealistic expectations leads to pre-mature resentment.


Steroids are only a tool in a tool bag. Theres many factors that have to be perfected to get the most from gear. If you dont know how to train, eat to gain muscle not blat, and have no discipline than you shouldnt be take juice!


Lol i just said that so I could say I answered the question. My second cycle was eq, no way I was touching Deca it dbol and gyno city lol. I legit said the exact same thing you said about “diet is ok”. That’s biggest issue and correcting that and Rerunning rest would be best idea.


Well semper fi soldier. Where were you stationed? I was 0311


I wanted to say welcome to UGM were glad to have you around brother. If you ever need anything just let me know. I added you as a veteran so you now have access to the veterans category.
These guys have some great advise for you but I wanted to ask are you sure that the gear you used was real? I only ask because being 170lb and running a cycle of dbol and test you should have definitely gained something. Our sponsors here can definitely take better care of you. If you have any questions hit me up anytime im here to help but these other guys really know there stuff were blessed with some of the best members.


Like everyone said DIET, DIET, DIET…
I’m not a big fan of cycling and at age 35 wouldn’t it make more sense to just stay on?


Im really surprised by how many people dont emphasize learning the basics before thinking they need gear. Diet and sound training to build a foundation and patience. This isnt a sprint. I feel confident enough to say diet is the single most important piece of puzzle that consider an after thought when should be front and center