Gingerlifter and his DHB cycle log


:joy::joy: jokes aside thank you for doing bloods.


@Gingerlifter Thanks for posting this bro! I like looking at others logs to see if there is anything I can add to what I’m doing.


Thanks for the log and bloods brother


Everything is still going well. Im definitely feeling the dhb. Vascularity is up, strength is up, and overall body composition is better. I’m getting no pip now. Im not sure if my body is becoming accustomed to it or my pinning technique has improved. My diet has not been on point lately. Holidays and a recent abnormal schedule has hurt me a bit. However that dominoes thin crust meat lovers was amazing last night. That was following a great back day. Training is going well. Ive put 30 pounds on my bench and squat. Ive moved up in various other things as well. Current weight is 234 lbs 5 '11 I’d say around 12-15 % body fat.( visible abs)


So I received the mpg test cyp250 today and will be switching over and tossing my remaining IJL test. Question though. I’ll be bumping up my dose to 250 per injection (500 a week) based on my bloodwork, should I increase my arimadex from .25 day after injection to something higher or wait on signs or symptoms? At this point I’m on week 7 or my 12 week cycle. (And yes I’m still taking the DHB)


I would say you’re going to want to bump your ai up. Of course bloods will tel, but I’d bump to .5 instead of .25 each injection day.


That’s what I was thinking. I usually take it the day after injection. Which means I’m gonna have to get some more arimidex soon.


Or yeah whatever day you’ve been taking it. Just double up.


I’ve been running 600 test and .5mg Adex EOD has kept my estro in range at 34ng on my bloods. I know we all aromatise at different rates but figured I’d give you at least an example to go from.


Thanks man. I think im gonna bump it up to. 5 and see.


I’ve decided to move this 12 week cycle to a 16 week cycle. That ends it right at the end of February. I also will have the test bumped up to 500 a week and the DHB will be bumped to 400 per week. Arimidex to .5 day after injection. I’m getting decent gains now but I’m halfway through(week 8 starts now) and I’m doing great so why not manipulate it just a bit to see how I feel? I’m also switching test from IJL test 300 to @MPG test cyp 250 for the remainder of my cycle. Current stats 5’11 236 lbs 13-15 % body fat. I’m going to do a full beginning to end on all body measurements at the end of this log.


I havn’t checked in with you guys for a bit so here is what’s up. I increased the test and dhb weekly doses as stated above and switched to mpgs test cyp.250. I’m guessing it’s the higher quality test that’s making me feel like a freaking animal in the gym this week. I weighed in at 239 today and hit chest like it was nothing. 315 5x5s felt like lightweight! I’m feeling amazing! I’m gaining for January then I’ll be doing a little cutting the month of February to prepare to go to the Arnold fitness expo! I’m not competing or anything but who wants to be the fat guy at the arnold! I’ll check in again soon.


Well everything is still going fine. I have about 4 weeks left on this cycle. Literally zero problems so far. I’m going to donate blood again this week. I’m honestly surprised at how much gentler this cycle was than my first. I guess I just can not handle orals. I’m weighing in at 237. I’ve been a little bloated lately but I’m attributing that to the increase in arimidex because I’ve noticed it’s always the day after I take it. I am going to taper off the test and back on my trt. I have a question though. My wife has decided she wants another child. My urologist that does my trt said when I come in for my yearly appointment in June hes going to switch me off test onto clomid. Can I start taking it now with the test to start getting some fertility back? Also should I ask him about hcg? I dont want to lose all that I’ve gained by going onto clomid and off the test. Any advice guys?


I would be completely honest with your doctor. If you don’t want to tell him you’re running a cycle and everything just say that you have been reading things online and you wanted to run hcg and I wouldn’t start the clomiphene until you clear testosterone atleast down to low levels because you can get some crazy side effects.
If you’re bloated it could be different things but your estrogen could be high and the adex isn’t bringing it down. I’m sure that you will do bloods with your doctor but I reccomend proviron at high doses 100+ a day with hcg my buddy is going through trying to get his wife pregnant and that with the clomiphene is what his doctor had him on


So proviron with hcg and clomid? I’ll do some research on this. Thanks for the advice man! My cycle will be done end of February and I’ll be tapering back my test to my trt dose over a few weeks. Along with tapering down my ai for around 4 weeks. I should be off everything but my prescribed dose of test by April and nothing else. I don’t see the doc until june so everything should be clear by then.


Well guys the 20 weeks are over. Time to cruise back into my trt and maybe some hcg. Ive learned many things about DHB and running a full cycle. Im weighing in at 236 right now. Honestly up until week 16 i kept a really solid diet but fell through in the home stretch. I didnt go overboard but there was a lot of pb and j. Dhb seemed to work really well. Kind of like a super testosterone cycle. I could eat whatever i want and not put on much fat and i always had really good energy in the gym . Most my lifts went up significantly. Especially my bench which is now up to 345 for 2. All in all im happy (aside from the ijl blowup in the middle) im gonna try getting my wife pregnant now :slight_smile:. Though im gonna start looking into a test, primo, npp cycle of some sort in the near future. Thanks for reading the blog dudes!


Im running a test primo npp cycle it works and knock your wife up while on the hcg good luck and good gains brother