Gingerlifter and his DHB cycle log


Thanks for sharing @Gingerlifter. Those are pretty low test numbers at 420mg/WK of testosterone. I would be expecting 1800ng/dL or higher on properly dosed testosterone.


No but u was taking oral tbol up until a few weeks ago so maybe that played a part?


Whoa!!! 420 a week and you’re only at 1354ng?! That’s super low bro. Averages I see are around 5x the dosage. You should be closer to 2200ng bro.


I am running 420 a week but I’m hitting it twice a week at around 210 a pin. Would the dhb effect the numbers at all?


That explains it then. Tbol isnt very hepatoxic and depending the dose you’d be slightly elevated so that’s normal.


Not at all man. DHB is suppressive to natural test but you’re supplementing with exogenous test so it would have 0 effect.


Nope. Exogenous testosterone is not effected by other steroids.


Well…I’m still ok with 1300+. Not like I can give him a bad review now lol


I timed it right correct? Pin sunday draw Wednesday?


My guy right now is running 400 a week and is at 2,080ng which is exactly 5.2x the dosage which is where I would expect most people to be if the test was dosed properly. The lowest I’ve ever calculated is 4.8x the dosage and that’s still within a respectable range for a UGL




Typically 48hrs is the norm for most tests. If it was about 96 hours we might see it that low.

I should note that the ester plays a part in that. Longer esters like enanthate or Cyp is 48 hours. If it were prop, ace or phenyl prop 24 hours.


I have always drawn bloods 48-72 hours post pin. Even on the outside at 96 hour you would not see approximately 30% decrease.


Agreed. 96 is pushing the half life of enanthate but a 30% loss at 96 hours would still make me question the dosing from the brewer


Remember serum levels are peaked because of the length of time on cycle so the drop off is going to be slow. It’s not like a light switch.


And I believe my calculations are correct. Test 300 and I’m drawing up .7 test per pin plus .8 of the dhb. In any case 1300 is still ok. It’s probably a bit underdosed I suppose but in any case I wont be ordering anymore from him whom shall not be named!


That’s correct. Every 10th of ml with 300mg is 30mg. So .7 is 210mg 2x a week 420mg total.


It is what it is @Gingerlifter. I want to thank you again for spending your hard earned money to get blood work done and then sharing those results with all of us. Its appreciated bro.


Well add another one to the promo :wink:


Ha! I spent all my money on the blood test!