Gingerlifter and his DHB cycle log


Hahaha I’m sorry bro. At least it wouldnt have come as a surprise. In this case it’s a good spoiler. I haven’t run DHB for a full cycle yet. That’s my Spring blast. I have gotten DHB from 3 different sources though and being the guy that I am, I want to know what I’m in for so I’ve pinned 1ml from each of them and 1 of 3 has some decent PIP and true to its nature the PIP didnt kick until about 20 hours later.


Yep that’s what I did.


Iron Junkie made this new batch with keeping pip down in mind. He’s great at what he does so I’m hoping it’s not very bad. I knew what I was getting into though and I think the good still outweighs the bad. (Though check back in with me tomorrow if I’m crying for my momma)


I don’t know much… yet, about Iron junkies but I figure if you mixed it and they are as good as I’ve been reading you should be fine.


Yes @Gingerlifter is correct our new batch of 1-test cyp should be pip free and doesnt crash! Trust bro you will have no pip tmr :wink:
Please update us :blush:


There was just a slight pip the following day after the pin but it pretty much feels like a bruise would. Very minimal. Definitely not what I was expecting from DHB. It’s usually a nightmare I hear and this is nothing. Always quality gear from @Iron_Junkie_Labs!


Glad to hear that bro. I got some that is pretty brutal but that will be saved for a “just in case” situation because theres no way in hell that I would run it for more than a few weeks lol. The other 2 I have are just fine though. I’m glad to know I have another DHB source if I need it!


Second pin was yesterday. Less pip then the first time. I’m starting to feel the tbol kick in. I start my program tomorrow and all is well. I’m going to try and get blood work done in a couple weeks but I have gotta figure out where to order it from online. Any suggestions?


An affiliate of LabCorp.

The private lab is the female version because it is cheaper but will give you what you want and save you some $.

When ordering Total T make sure you order the LC/MS/MS version as well as the estradiol sensitive.

Use a google search to see if you can find a coupon when the time comes to get the blood draw.


Thanks brother!


Also, @Gingerlifter if you use privatemdlabs remember to use coupon code NOV2018 and you get 15% off your order.


Ok it’s been a week on this cycle. I did my third pin today without any problems. I havn’t had any significant painful pip but I have had a small amount of lingering pip. My leg is just sore for about 5 days after the injection. It’s like a large bruise feeling. Definitely tolerable. My diet is on track at around 3600 calories a day and I’ve thrown in a few intervals of intermittent fasting. I started feeling the tbol yesterday but nothing from the dhb yet. I assume it’s the tbol I’m feeling as I’ve take It before. Training is going well with shortcut to size. I’ve went from 227 to 230lbs so far. It’s been a good week and I’m looking forward to everything really kicking in.


Good weeks make for a good life! Thanks for the updates!!!


Awesome man. Hopefully as you get used to pinning more some of that lingering pip will go away. Make sure you are getting deep into the muscle and massaging it after for 60 seconds or so.


I never have pip with my trt but I’m also pinning .6 a week with it. Like I said it’s not bad just a little sore. If I get the results I’ve seen with dhb it will be a good trade off.


@Gingerlifter Im sure if you push it hard in your wrokouts and keep calories up on DHB you will get the results you strive for! I believe @MBTJR1980 didnt start feeling the 1-test cyp kicking until the 2nd week mark.


Man I’ve got some DHB right now that’s 100mg/ml and I pumped 300mg in one pin with absolutely zero PIP.


Im actually feeling results hard at week 12 of dhb seems to really be a slow burner but damn is it worth it!!


Im running it at 800mgs a week currently


How’s the pinning going? Are you noticing the effects of DHB yet? Thanks for log it’s nice to see different reviews from different people