Getting grainy now. More to go still


X weeks out getting closer to what we are wanting. Up 3 pounds from last week and significantly tighter. Still have more work to do but we are on track.




Holy crap! Man that’s awesome!


Fuck bro. Insane!! I wanna train with you lol


Seriously man, I’d fly out to train legs with you :joy:


Got a real good look coming out bro! Vascularity and graininess starting to pop! Def doing your homework awesome job :metal:t2:


Hell yeah bro! Lookin solid!


You say that now lol. I’ve ran off many bigger guys on leg day. True story my buddy at the gym been begging to do quads with me. One day we finally did. We call him big Dan and this fucker is Big and not fat. We started with extensions he was sucking wind a little I knew he was in trouble because that’s just warm up. We go to this old school dyna body squat machine our gym has (plate loaded chain driven). On the 4th n final set of 20 reps slowamd controlled and heavy I couldn’t find Big Dan. I saw his keys wallet and drink so knew he was around. I looked for him for a minute and said oh well. I thought he went home. As I was finishing my workout I finally see Big dan laying on the floor in fetal position. He looks up at me and said fuck you man lol. True story. He wasn’t use to little rest between sets he was strong as hell but he was use to resting for 3-4 mi it’s between sets lol. He was sore for a week and told everyone to never workout with me again lol. He was the 10th person in my career that I’ve buried on leg day lol


Lmfao thats so awesome! Ive seen that look on many faces that ive trashed during workouts over the years



You’re looking better than your boy Brandon now.

Damn nice


Curry?? Hahahaha you’re so full of shit @Bigmurph but thank you lol.


Hahahaha that story is great bro. I feel like I see so many people resting 3-4 minutes between sets. I’ve never been able to do that. Workout takes way too long lol. Keep crushing man.


Let me know when you are ready to try my Deck of Cards leg routine @PHD ;)

You push yourself day in and day out to achieve a goal. I am proud of you and your work ethic inspires. :wink:


@SemperFi Pyramids from 1-14 or 14-1? Lol


Flip a card and run the set, flip another card and run the set, etc. Each suit is a different leg exercise and no rest. Time to completion and attempt to beat your time the next time.

Joker’s are a completely different story. :wink:

I use the Deck of Cards when I feel I need to shock a muscle group or attempting to break through a goal plateau.


That sounds fun. But you must lift at an empty gym. I’d be stuck waiting constantly switching machines. It would defeat the purpose. I get enough dirty looks trisetting haha


Don’t get stuck thinking inside the box. :pancakes:


lol not sure what that means in a situation where every machine/rack is taken at all time pretty much. I legit have to set my bag at one, water and keys at another and phone at one just to do trisets haha

I could do a lot of steps up and lunge work!!!


That’s because you’re stuck in the box using machines and racks. We know there are exercises that work tge leg muscles that don’t require a machine or a rack yet we rarely do them… Shock and awe outside the box. :zap:


Never heard of this. I’ve never been at a loss for any workout to flip a card lol. I go in knowing what body part to Train and what needs to be done. If my body says no that day I find an alternate to make it work. Plus I really don’t see the need to spend anymore than an hour-hour and half in gym for any body part. I’ve never been stuck thinking inside a box lol