Gaining Muscle Calorie Deficit Body Tranformation Recomp



The beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes can gain muscle while reducing overall body fat… maybe.

Things we should be thinking about before attempting to do a body recomposition.

  1. We might lose muscle mass if we cut calories without doing strength training.

  2. Cutting body fat while attempting to gain muscle mass should be done with a small to moderate calorie deficit to avoid the loss of muscle mass.

  3. There are negative hormonal, physiological, and psychological effects to rapid weight loss.

  4. Studies suggest that a high protein diet is beneficial for retaining muscle mass in a deficit.

  5. The greater the deficit the greater the risk to losing lean body mass.

Not everyone can gain muscle while cutting. It is individually based and a number of factors come into play like; age, gender, training experience, starting point, genetic potential, etc. Just because something works for one person does not mean it will work for another.

We all have strong opinions so just remember if someone tells you it is possible to gain lean muscle mass while losing body fat they could be right. On the other side of the coin if someone tells you it can not be done they also might be right.

There are just to many individualized factors to say it will work for you. The best thing we can do if this is something we are considering is to make sure we have a sound method in place based on our experience and the experiences of others. Closely tracking our results based on our method of choice will allow us to make small adjustments to enhance our ability to reduce body fat while attempting to gain lean muscle mass.

Advanced athletes scientifically will have more difficulty cutting body fat while gaining lean muscle because typically they are already pretty lean. This disadvantage is offset with their experience in proper diet, training and in the use of supplementation.


I really like this post because it outlines the differences and talks about all the variables that relate to this topic.
It is always a great discussion and every one definitely has there own opinion.
I believe as you wrote both are right.
Number 2 really is the key in my opinion to not losing mass while cutting. Finding the sweet spot for your own intake really makes the difference and it is different for every individual. Especially when as you said if supplementation is involved and the level of the individual.

Great post love it solid information


We hear the term KISS (keep it simple stupid) over and over again and in my reality it is so true.

I tend to way overthink things because I like to know all the ‘why’s’ and this has caused me to be my own worst enemy… especially when I was 6 and tore apart the dishwasher… my mom was pissed. :wink:

My most memorable and successful results have always came from using simple proven methods and supplement combinations. I have received positive results through self experimentation but nothing as comparable to those produced from the KISS method.

I brought up KISS because @phd recently made a post about it and it caused me to reflect on my own personal experiences and the responsibility I believe I have when offering advice. Thats not a judgement on anyone just something that I have been thinking about for myself. I sometimes make statements that can be taken as gospel and should not be. :wink:


I learned this lesson from my sust decca cycle took all this advice changed everything and I consider it my worst cycle.

I bet your mama whooped your ass for tearing apart that dishwasher lol