FREE Vial Adapter 20mm "Vial spike" with 5 vials or more


FREE Vial Adapter 20mm “Vial spike” with 5 vials or more
(Example pic below on how to acquire your FREE vial adapter)
International ordering ONLY with OIL’s

Vial Adapter 20mm “Vial spike”

Gain compatibility and convenience while reducing the risk of cross-contamination and Rubber Stopper damage…

These 20mm vial spikes can be reused multiple times, fits firm and snug (Universal) to all 20mm vials…
No more need for changing drawling pins, swabbing and multiple puncturing to your rubber vial stopper…

How it works:

1) Swab vial top with alcohol solution, let air dry and attached vial spike… That simple!
2) Connects to needle lure/barrel like most needle tips. It allows for multiple use… Set and forget…

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Good timing we’re you monitoring the conversation that was going on today


Had ton of been haha. Smart marketing. Lol


Hahaha this is perfect.



I have a question about this spike.
Do you know how long it is ok to use for on a 50ml or 100ml vial or do you believe that it shouldn’t be used on a vial for an extended period of time?
Thanks im really curious about these and im looking to get some.


About the vial spikes… I use them with every 2 x 10mL vials than ditch…like anything else the more you touch the more you handle something chances of bac will increase, I’m yet to see an issue, and I been using them for ever…I just like to be safe… I use them on vials that I pull from often… you can use them on home brew 20mm cap 10-50mm vials with noooo issues… loon as its 20mm :wink: they dont leak of anything…