FREE Custom Lifting Straps



To get this moving the first item will be customized lifting straps for 90 members. Straps will be 100% cotton, black in color and the UGM logo on the wrist.

  • Qualifications:
    Member in Good standing. Activity of at least signing on 4 times weekly and posts of 20 a week.

First 90 members in good standing will receive this. Comment below.


@TrenGod this is bad ass


I’d totally rock a UGM lift wrap!


Im going to love seeing someone in a gym with weight on bar rocking straps.
Great way to start off the giveaways


I think the biggest thing about our branded giveaways is quality. No cheap shit. I want everything to hold up and last to hardcore training.


I was actually thinking about that if it was going to be cheap shit lol
I should have known that the god doesn’t f×ck around with quality


@QuantumPeptides_seth was messaging me yesterday said they will put something together also. Can’t wait to see who these lucky winners are. Since I can’t win these lol I may have to try to buy some or get extra ones made for staff members :joy::+1:t2::muscle:t2:


Don’t worry. Staff will always have some reserved lol. I’m ordering 100 sets so 10 reserved for staff.


I like that idea bro


That just put a smile on my face


This is definetly the step in the right direction. Awesome promotion @TrenGod


Is this still active?


Yes sir! Im looking at final samples by next week. First ones i was sent I didnt approve of part of the stitching and where they wanted to put padding. We dont need fucking padding thats gonna tear on a heavy lift.