During this 8 years walking with the Lord i have learnt the following: Most of our defects of character and short comings are formed during time of childhood and adolescence . There was a time of my life when everything became so chaotic that i had to go somewhere and learn how to live better . Most of drug-addicts and-alcoholics come from parents with the same issues…or no parents at all …or dysfunctional families. Most of people who re-act to life in a violent manner…they suffered the consequences of violence at a very early age. Most of our responses to life are the result of pass experiences. Somebody very close to me who i dearly love was introduced to methamphetamine by her own father, such a situation consumed the following 16 years of her life.
I was the second child of a very well financially accommodated family, sports and studies was reinforced at home daily…I personally loved it…i loved school and getting the highest grades was my daily motivation; training hard for Saturdays and Sundays Karate tournaments was the other passion of my life…i Was surrounded by great motivation, love and family. FORGIVENESS has been the biggest struggle of my life as i learnt to walk with the LORD…to set my heart free from guilt and shame and forgive my self for what i did to my family and loved ones after so many years of drug-addiction and alcoholism, homelessness. They where good to me, and always there for me. Still after all this years of happiness and freedom, sometimes…memories of all the bad things i have done strike my heart and i feel so bad about…I still struggle with forgiving my self…So this morning i would like to ask you the following: I know there is a person at work that you have not spoken to for a long time, today go and forgive him…set your heart free. Maybe a family member that you got mad at and never talked to again…today go forgive him…find freedom from hard feelings and resentment.
I pray in the name of Jesus for the well being of all families here at UGM, i pray for health, I pray for unity, i pray for prosperity, i pray for forgiveness and freedom. In Jesus name. God bless you all.


That is so beautiful Pastor! I loved it. Hit home for me as my dad is a severe alcoholic who was very abussive mentally, pusically, and emotionally to me especially being the 1st born and also the one who carries on his same name as im a junior. I hated him most of my life for how much he hurt me in so many different ways but one day i hurt him physically when i was finally strong enough yet it did nothing but made me feel terrible! He i thought i would feel so much better instead i hated myself. Finally when i had my son i realized that even though my father was fucked he loved me and wanted the best for me in his own fucked up way. Too bad i was too far into my own addiction to be anything but a trainwreck and caused me own path of destruction along the way that still 5 years later i cant totally forgive myself. Long story short i made peace with my dad and now we have a solid relationship not just as father and son but as 2 men on equal ground. I know one day ill want to call him to say hi and he will be gone so i call him at least twice a week just to tell him i love him and that im thinking of him because thats what a good son does


God is well pleased with you


I hope so! Thank you Pastor :blue_heart::pray:t2:


You guys are awesome! Pastor and MBT, thanks for sharing your stories! I too have had many battles, my family and I have over come by the grace of God.


Amen :pray:

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Thank you man I appreciate that truly


Thank you brother


No matter what we are ONE FAMILY here :pray:
Life is becoming easier when we help and support each other

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Couldnt agree more brotha we have to all look out for one another thats what this brotherhood represents


Its amazing that all those thoughts, ideas, love, guilt , shame…ad infinitum. All that is in the mostly unknown organ that sits somewhat protected by our skull. Many are never aware of their transgressions until it’s too late. I get a sense of calm when I see I’m not alone in some of my thoughts or actions. I am happy when I hear others have been rescued like myself. I have been thrown many life preservers when I was drowning in self hate , I chose to grab one finally. When Pastor suggests to forgive or take action while u still can is great.