My wife made me a chicken pot pie. This was completely from scratch and taste amazing! Hope you all are well!


Mmmm I’m at 2400 cals a day and dying. This looks amazing.


Ouch! I bet you are so hungry! I couldn’t stop eating it lol


Looks good bro, I would throw on some hotsauce but who asked my opinion anyways


Like swole said ouch, I strive to be at Atleast 2000 cals by noon each day


I’m a big hot sauce fan as well!


Looks great nothing better than home cooking


I completely agree, thanks!


Looks delightful.


Thank you, it was amazing!


that looks soo awesome!!..i would eat up 2 tablespoons of that soo fast! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:… if I wasn’t trying to stay under a thousand calories or as much as 1100 calories I would eat that up like a Tic Tac that looks so delicious and especially right now I freaked out at carbs but man that is making me hungry


Lmao that is brutal! 1000kcal, wow! I’m impressed that you stay at the 1000 calorie mark


i do pretty much especially on days where i will end up missing gym…but on days i do gym i do no more than 1100 to 1300 about…today i did 1060. but i did 901 in cardio and about to do another hr of cardio so i should be at 1600 calories burnt about and then i will do weights so i will burn another potential 600 calories then i will have a protein meal of about 300 cals…so i will remain in a deficit but feeding the muscles.