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Good morning guys … So this morning I had a pretty good conversation with one of the long time trainers and co-owner of my gym…one of those guys who has been in the game 30+ years and has a great track record for getting people (competition guys / girls as well as your everyday people) into shape. Anyway… our conversation developed into the the importance of food. He shared his first two questions for clients are: overall physique goals and food budget! Not chems, not gym commitment, not coaching / training budget, etc. Which made me reflect and supports notions I have always believed in: training, food, genetics make up (80/85%) and last are the AAS (10-15%)…People in general get way to caught up in “what and how much are your running”… the conversation should be “what are you eating and what’s your training regimen took like” …

So I pose this question to any who are interested: what do you spend monthly on nutrition… food specifically?

My breakdown…shopping primary done at Whole Foods and Costco

Grass Fed beef…50-60$
Organic chicken …40-50$
Egg whites…30$
Rice cakes…30$
Steel cut oats…20$
Veggies …60$
Bottle water…25$
Almond milk…20$
Brown rice …20$

I left out protein powders, and other misc. food…but ultimately it’s around $400 -450 per month just for daily nutrition. Add in Rule One protein… could be another $100 per month.

How about you guys? … I obviously spend way more on food per month then on AAS… 70% of the year I’m cruising on TRT dosages…so that only costs around 5-6$ per week!

Happy Sunday guys!


Brother I spend 250$ a wk on average and that’s at Costco bj type places. If I shop regular market I spend 300+ a wk.
Now that’s on cycle because I believe in eating fresh natural real foods to get my macros.
When you spend 5$ a lb on chicken at the local market that kills me.
I see some of you hunting and I want to go hunting so bad

Much respect for the whole break down I believe that everyone considering using gear should see this because most complain about how expensive gear and blood work is but the food is actually more expensive than anything.
You can run 10iu a day of pharma grade jintropin from Europe for a month for what I spend on food in a month lol

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Weird, I’ve been so busy lately this relates to a topic I want to post. Anyway, I have tried every eating plan and diet over the years. In the past year, I even tried doing digital coupons and apps, just to see if there’s money saved versus time spent. Most chains have points where you save on gas, so it’s simple to see how much you spend. I average 450 to 500/ month. If I make the 2 hour trip to costco, it sometimes is more. You have to be on a full stomach to shop there. Otherwise fuck it. My lady eats nothing so that is 95% me. Through in a Chinese buffet day and a couple of Starbucks, and we’re at 1000$😝!
When I was younger and had no money, AAs were more expensive and I remember my diet was 24 egg whites, 5 cans of tuna, a couple potatoes or rice or oats, and a post workout shake. 1 meal( dinner) was 8 oz or so or whatever steak, like eye of round or London broil, or chicken, or talipia. Now, that would be at least 15 -20 bucks a day. I basically did my first couple shows on 10 cans of tuna, oats, 3 fruit, some veggies and maybe a steak or cod. It always worked and I know it was because we trained right, didn’t stress out, and the drugs were the last piece of the equation, not first. As the show approaches we knew we were trying to just hold on to muscle and get in condition. My training partner and I, didn’t listen or care what anyone else said. I get more confused now sifting through articles, we were stubborn but always in shape. Never did we cheat or go off the plan. Now, it’s like dash, Mediterranean, keto, this that and the other. Sugar free ice cream, cakes…a little ignorance is bliss! I also always listened to my body!


Those were the good old days were you could spend 100$ and have food for a wk and a half eating like a beast like the early 90s
Now food is so expensive