Fitstudboi gains and goals 2017


Keep up the great work brother, this’ll be a very inspiring transformation indeed. We’re all rooting for you here! :clap::clap:


Not needed I forgot @Fitraver has got this.


Sorry bro I forgot you got this and I replied back.
Thanks for being on top of things.
@fitstudboi what @Fitraver says goes he is in charge of the forums now.
Thanks to both of you


Haha no worries big dawg. Yeah @fitstudboi just make one in the log section and keep this train rolling there. Maybe just link this one in your first post for background info.


ok so i created the …gym rants…topic. so now when u have a minute if u could give me the basic steps in doing so in the mean time i will look to figure it out lol!


Go to categories —> training/diet/log and create a new topic :slight_smile:


ok coool thaanks!