Fitstudboi gains and goals 2017


begin active mode…12/2/2017 last night got 20 minutes in on the cardio did some weights …nothing heavy…145 on the bench 15 (medium controled speed) 4 sets with 64 crunches in between on the flat bench 4 sets of standing flys with cable machine 15 reps each…same speed…30 lbs…last set went up to 40 lbs…4 sets of 15 hulks with 40 lbs. glad to see i lost some solid lbs only one of tbe 4 times hit 170 so i am averaging @ 269 right now…!!



Keep getting it brother everyday all day.


for sure :smiley::smiley: i will be doing weigts up to 30 minutes of cardio in one day…next day no weights 2 sessions of 20 to 30 minutes of cardio that day so that woukd be today considered a rest day…and tomorrow weights and one session of cardio abd so forth for this next month.


after being frustrated about the separating the egg white from the yolk …at many differnt point over the years i finally looked it up and found out…THE BOTTLE TECHNIQUE <—(said with a loud announcer voice with massive echoe effect). the eggs must be room temp about to get the most. j did do a small vid of it but dont know how to upload so just you tube…so no more messy shell tossing…now it wont be such a chore​:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


i am very upset and i know this will send me in a spiral of depression for atleast a few days till i get a grip…on my 15 day weigh in barely a lb?!?..this is why i hate scales…while i look smaller and have showing of muscles and aware that there is a muscle fat trade off…i cannot ever seem to help letting the numbers get to me…i will havebto try harder to get the scale to drop and still get muscle mass…i know this is a difficult task but i beleive it can be a success for me…but this was not good for me and i frickin ran out of adderall a couple months ago damn!!! i guess i will give in and pop a hydrocodone…that also helps me to feel calm and pleasant aside from what it was prescribed for…but i hate taking it…but…it helps i have been successfully rehabilitating myself to the point now where pain pills of any kind i can go without fir a week at a time and my mobility is improving alot…so often we know what to do and how to do but we suffer because of lack of get em…depression…as a result of condition…a vicious cycle… 20171215_115003|374x500


i will see what the next 15 days will bring…i will be working harder…u guys are my only lifeline in this venture…i wish u guys were here in my mix i would be sooo right…all around me has no interests nor drive. i love fitness and the importance of being fit and healthy. thanks for putting up lol!! i will be posting physicals jan 1st…the camera should will not be able to hide anything by then lmao!


Don’t let the scale beat you up bro. It’s not my friend right now either. Sometimes ours gaining while losing and recompiling some. Or could randomly be holding water one day. I weigh myself every day, but that’s cuz I’m ocd about it. Can’t read too much into it, just use t as one tool.


yes. i understand that i just soo want to be 250’s i was feeling and hoping atleast 260…i would have been ok with 263…but still near 270 with all that i have been doing just seemes like it all stopped…but i must be happy because that just means if a loose a lbs…its a solid lb that wont come back less i mess up badly


I believe that you should look at it in a positive way your gaining muscle and losing weight. Thats a good thing not a bad thing.
Keep killing it


yes true


I hope you all had a awesome Christmas and gearing up for an amazing new year for u​:smiley::smiley:


excited! i have been steadily increasing my cardio. today i did a test run of 60 minutes and i handled it well with 5 minutes cool down…usually i increase the resistance every 10 minutes after 5 minutes forward and 5 munutes reverse. i didnt push it on the resistance thing. i did increase the incline though to 4 . the other great news is that my walking is getting better and i am now able to lift my right leg …knee up to 6 inches…before barely a half inch with alot of pain in the hip flexors…needless to say it was major hell putting on my pants lol!! and i had moved to slip ons for shoes…soon i am looking to get laceups again so awesome news there. i will be posting physicals and weekly weight starting monday :smiley:…so any ways back to what i was saying before the hip thing…so… i did 20 minutes 5/5/5/5 level 9… 20 minutes 5/5/5/5 level 10 …10 minutes 5/5 level 11 and 10 minutes 5/5 level 12. my goal is 1000 per session once a day and eventually and twice on days of rest. this was suppose to start monday but i felt like trying out the next stage and i did pretty good. if anyone can recommend some exellent BCAA. I would like your advice so i can get it immediately…i am GOING to need it :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Awesome progress bro. Keep pushing!!


I love it bro keep killing it man show us what you got brother


HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all of you​:smiley::smiley::smiley:! may it bring numerous opportunities in your desires and may successes be abundant


sorry i spun out of control mentally when i did the scale on the first as planned and saw i gained 6 lbs…i know i know…and i even looked bloated…i dont know if it was the pain pills i took because of my trip out of town to a friend…i had gotten the medro pack to help life be easier because i knew i had tons of walking and stuff to do…alobg with ofcouse i did let in a few occasions of carbs andnsweets but i did hit the gym 3 of the 4 days i was there…so i freaked…i am sorry. but i will take weight and pics tomorrow and post…will let u be the jugde obviously duh…i have been lifting alot along with cardio…my diet have been strict but i did take in… most likey more calories than i burned…below is what the scale showed…i just added a new to me life fitness 9100 elliptical with hr. to my gym. i will be on it religeously. i have now been extremely careful to make sure i am burning more cals than i am taking in.


ok so here is where i am so far…its tough when there is over 110 lbs worth of body weight to loose as i mentioned…i started this journey on september 10th at around 289…293…when i started the comp i was at 279…280…so i guess i need to be happy with every little progress. its mainly because of my accountability on here and seeing u guys doing it that keeps me going…otherwise i would have slipped backwards in a huge way…i ususally take the average of 6 to 10 weighs on the digital scale and the one weight that pops up more than half is what i go with. So here is where i am at so far


with this new elliptical i am looking to make descent progress weekly …it appears my body is fighing like hell to keep the fat lol! i will be posting weekly…question…could it be my trt that is causing this issue of the weight not budging…like maybe since my estrogen level would already be high that the trt is creating hightened estrogen level?..i am on weekly 200


Are you using an ai? Higher body fat percentage will already have higher estrogen and once you start taking test it will only cause greater issues with the e2. Only way will be to get bloods to know for sure.

Aside from that. Keep going man. Even a little at a Time helps. Once you hit that 25, then 50 marks youll not want to stop.


i am taking cypionate…i am sorry i am not sure what ai is…if it is what i think it is…no…and would u recommend a good one?..i am sure its major estrogen issues just by looking at the fat especially on my legs lol!. so a sure deal blocker suggestion would be awesome. yes its just tough mentally when u are working hard and strict and getting some nice gym time and cardio in and the scale doesnt budge and it hardly looks like much changed. i know i just gotta get past a point like u said…but in the moment…all that i know and told myself goes out the window lol!! i am supposed to go get my blood work done tomorrow…my doc is stubborn…he tells tells another buddy of mine he dont need estrogen test and refuses and tries to deter by saying its expensive for the test…so i can imagine the resistance he will give me…i will ask for it though.