First purchase from SymBiotecLab


Couldn’t be happier with my first purchase from @SymBiotecLab fast shipping, professional packaging, and some of the best communication I’ve had.


I’ve made a few also, he is extremely knowledgeable and helpful


I absolutely agree with you @John , I do not know how SBL has such knowledge but it coincides with the opinions of my doctor


Communication with this guy is amazing, I do not know what you’ve ordered but I’m sure you will not be disappointed



Hello @Cube293

Thank you for your nice review about our service and enjoy our @SymBiotecLab gear.

[email protected]

  • reliable and cheapest prices on forum


What did you order brother any chance we can see a picture of the products. No packaging just the products.



Dbol on the left winstrol on the right @Bigmurph


You gonna snort that lol

Thanks brother don’t get the caps mixed up


Never tried administration THAT way…hmmm…wondering what kind of effect that will have.


All around excellent products and service. Answers questions, doesn’t push anything. The opposite actually. I have yet to post last weeks order. Setting the bar high.


I need to try these guys