First cycle help arimadex


Hey guys, starting first cycle tomorrow, 250 mg of test every 3.5 days and 1 mg of arimadex every 3.5 days, but my arimadex came in 2mg pills, can i just take one a week? or should i just cut them in half? also when if i inject every 3.5 days should i go monday morning and thursday night? and take the ai the same time i inject?


Yes split your test dose as you said. Also split your Arimidex. .5 mon and .5 Thursday. Weird they come in 2mg. I haven’t seen that. Are they pharma grade? Assuming it’s pill not caps. If so split in 1/4 and do .5 2x a week as stated.


I agree the only difference is that I take my adex 24 hours after injections. 2mg/wk is most likely going to be too much.


It’s better to take it 24 hrs after you inject? and is injecting Monday morning/ Thursday night good?


You can do either. Should work the same for the most part. Just personal preference. I believe adex works on estrogen that is available and that may be why taking it 24hrs after makes more scientific sense. Is that why @SemperFi

I personally split my adex ed so never been an issue. The more frequent the better.


Exactly. My ND has been following my use for several years and she agrees from a medical perspective that 24 hours post injection will allow the approx. 48 hour half life of adex to be in correspondence with the first big increase of estrogen conversion post injection and an almost complete follow through until the next injection (3.5 days).


alright thanks guys, and as far as taking the test Monday morning Thursday night is that good? or should I do both in the morning or night instead of one morning one night?


Cool. I thought that was it. It doesn’t make sense to me as well. I’d prolly lick that route if spitting 2x a week @reginaldbjj it certainly won’t hurt and may give better support.


Do what fits your lifestyle. Others might have a different opinion.

I go Sunday morning and Wednesday evening for a full 3.5 day injection cycle.


alright and for the arimadex split it into 1/4, and just take .5mg twice a week? I hope the source I used is good since u said 2mg pills isn’t common, hope the stuff I got was legit…


should add I do have some pubertal gyno, so do you still think 2mg a week is too much? should I up it if I notice a flare up?


You’re bit taking 2mg a week… .5 2x a week is 1mg. 2mg a week on only 500mg a test would be WAY too much for most people. But you will only know if you get bloods. So plan to do that. If you can’t afford bloods then the risk is on you. None of us can tell you exactly what’s best for you.


If I have to question the quality of an AI I don’t use it.

Did you or are you planning on getting precycle blood work?