First cycle and questions


Well we might as well get my rookie questions out of the way. I’ve been on trt at 240 test cyp biweekly for 2 years and all my levels are golden. Just had blood work done and Test is 719 and e2 is right in the middle of normal. Never had any reactions and my doctor doesn’t have me on any sort of AI. After researching I’ve decided to run 300 mg test cyp weekly for 10 weeks and 50 mg turanibol for the first 6 weeks. (Possibly 7). Then continue with my trt after that. With that being said do you guys think I should pick up an AI to use or keep on standby? Or with only using 300 a week should I be good? I have been researching for months and this is the only thing that still stumps me a bit. Thanks in advance and please let me know if I have something messed up.


I would…just to be prepared. You are using small dosage but is better to have ready everything you might need. I can certainly testify for that; this cycle am currently on I was only using nolva as needed…let me tell you, the water retention had me feeling so uncomfortable…when the adex finally arrived it made a great difference and I only use .25 EOD or 2 days. You are gonna do awesome.


Yes Atleast have it on hand, I also have adex on hand and have yet to use it, but just recently dragonslayer post a good read about other benefits of adex, not just for what you think it’s for so I started taking mine


Def keep one on hand. I’d think if you get adex takin .25 eod would be a proper dose to kee your e2 in range. Bloods will always be best route to know for sure. I’m good on .25 m/w/f with 220mg/wk but I also use hcg which raises estrogen. You may be okay with just .25 m/w/f as well on 300. Again bloods will tell.


research proviron see if that interests you other than that the only other thing i would reccommend would be to have reg bloods done


I think I’m gonna request my doc prescribe me some when I go see him next week. I’m sure he would be ok with me having some just in case .


Proviron is good, one of the veterans here @Mountain-man got me interestedly in so I gave it a go at 75 mg per day split mornin/noon/ evening


And @busa started that post with the perfect word, RESEARCH


I’ll look into it. Thanks guys. Part of my research into all this was joining this forum and picking everyone’s brains. I’m definitely not rushing into it until I have all the info I need.


thank man


I research the hell out of everything I put in my body and then come back here and post the questions and see what people have to say, and I enjoy it to, the two guys I gym with depend on me to research everything for them, which I like to do cause it’s just means more knowledge I have of things


it ok listening to guys and bro science but i like facts especially when iam puttin stuff in my body ,which is why i alaways say to people have look see what you think then its there decision but i understand where you coming from ,its a responsabilty you have with guys depending on you …datbe true was a site i always was on and basskiller is another good one


Yes they should be doing it for themselves, but oh well i guess I am enabling them, I feel like I actually work for them cause I’m getting them their shit to but one is my lifelong friend and the other is my brother in law so I don’t mind… I have a question why is your name busa, is it in reference to something?


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i think you doing them a good turn ,safer you know them in that way ,


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