First cycle after 5 year lay off


As I mentioned in my intro post, I’ve been out of pocket for a while . I will begin my first cycle since '14 after the first of the year. Simple and to the point:

500mg Test E -12 weeks
50 mg Anadrol- ed first 4 weeks
50 - 80 mg Var- ed last 4 weeks (will depend on how well dosed the var is)

Ill be 57 in March; The last few years cycling I had been blast & cruising. This time ill do a full PCT regimen, get the bloods, do full due diligence and see how the old bod reacts.

Thinking that next cycle will be a hundred day run with Test p/Mast p/Tren a “cut mix” -type gear. I have had great results from this and tolerate it well . The source I used in the past doesn’t exist any more (as far as I can tell).

Anyways, that’s my story- researching sources and figuring stuff out.


Looks nice and to the point brotha


Sounds good. Look forward to seeing what you put together.


Awesome good luck!


Best of luck. Do not hesitate in starting a cycle log here!


I will- I’m the eternal lab rat- Its amazing I’ve survived my youth with virtually no issues(knock on wood). I appreciate all the support and responses. Thx