Fear is Fuel....a different perspective


You need a ghost. And you need to be afraid of it. Oh, I know. You ain’t scared of nothing, and you still have that “No Fear” shirt from the 1990’s to prove it. But I also know that every successful person, in any field, has a ghost or two that haunts them. A “ghost” is something that follows you around your whole life, nudging you. While you may not exactly be afraid of it, it does worry and weigh on you:
• The fear of being broke ghost.
• The fear of disappointing those you love ghost.
• The fear of becoming your father (or mother, or that bad coach you had once) ghost.
• The fear of not accomplishing what you KNOW you’re capable of accomplishing ghost.
• The fear that your haters are right ghost.
On our field of play, maybe these ghosts look different:
• The fear of getting fat (again) ghost.
• The fear of being weak ghost.
• The fear of not being able to take care of yourself when you get old ghost.
• The fear of getting naked in front of someone new ghost.
• The fear of swimsuit season ghost.
• The fear of getting an easily preventable disease ghost.
• The fear of getting gassed when walking up a flight of stairs ghost.
• The fear of having toddler arms ghost.
• The fear of coming in last place ghost.
• The fear of getting an old-man ass ghost.
These ghosts get us out of bed for a morning workout when we’d rather sleep in. They make us work a little harder, be a little more disciplined with our diets, and take a LOT more responsibility in our lives. They “scare” us in the right direction. If you don’t have a ghost, summon one. It’ll keep you more motivated than some sugary-sweet meme about shooting for the moon. Now, it’s true, some people probably don’t have ghosts. And they’re probably f*cking losers.


Great post man!


Thank you brotha…I think we all can relate.




It truly haunts me every day and pushes me forward making sure that I don’t stop pushing weight and start getting and acting not right.
Everyone has there demons or ghosts you couldn’t be more right