Evo genetics bunk? Any one seen this before?


I’m new here guy thanks for the invite… I love this site so many vets around…wish I would’ve found you guys sooner…ok so here we go I had a good SRC and they went under. So long story short I buy this off a guy at the gym it says tren e 200. This is my 4th cycle I’m 33 I’ve ran tren 4x and everytime I do tren I get crazy night sweats and I can feel a boost… with this no sides what so ever… I’m beginning to think it’s bunk so I tasted some of it and it just kinda taste like oil with a bit of like a hospital smell if that makes sense… I also noticed that the label was a bit crooked and I don’t like the crimp on top… also it has a experation date Wich was definitely not stamped. And there is no bar code or lot number…any input is appericated.
Here are some pictures.


So needless to say I’m making a order tonight with ijl I’ll keep you posted… I ordered
1 tren e
1 sust 350
1 EQ
Any one have there EQ?


Haven’t tried @Iron_Junkie_Labs EQ but I tried his sust 350,I love it and I just started his tren a so I’ll keep you posted. EQ will be in my next order though.


I should also add that I’ve tried their anavar, exemestane, proviron, prop, test c, npp, Cialis, nolvadex, and I have been very pleased with each product.


So we definitely know that there is no pharma grade tren made for humans. I would say that using a roidtest or labmax would be the quickest way to find out what it is or isn’t. I haven’t heard of the lab before which doesn’t really mean anything bad. I wish I could give you better information.


I have never seen that lab. I have been buying from UGL’s for about 6-7 months, I have seen awesome labels with holograms, I have seen ok labels and I have seen cheap ones too; but they were all high quality chemicals. I don’t think presentation when it comes to UGL’s is always the right parameter . Some invest in labels some don’t. Anyways by what you say seems to be kind of bad…tren with no sleepless nights?. As Bigmurph says labmax or roid test it.


Also great move by switching to a good reliable src. That would have messed up with your head


Thanks for the input guys.


I know the lab and the distributer ,they are around this the test prop it crashed after 2 days and hurt more than prop noramly does it’s a ugl not pharma at all.i have not heard anything bad about them myself but there are much better choices out there


Thanks alot for the input brother. IMO I feel like it’s tren but I feel as if it is severely underdosed. It’s just weird I have no night sweats because everytime I cycle I have this side…not this time but I will say I haven’t had what I would consider insomnia… however I have been extremely restless…I was going to do what @Bigmurph said and test it to see what it is… but since I got some goodies coming in a couple days I think I’ll keep this for a souvenir…lol.