Ever used Bold Cyp? (EQ with cyp ester)


So you’re right I do really enjoy NPP. NPP is nandrolone phenyl propionate and NP would be nandrolone propionate. the npp is about 3 days and the NP if you can find it would be about 2 days. I have never seen nandrolone propionate but I do have nandrolone base. I have seen recently nandrolone cypionate and the nandrolone deconate which would be decca.
The different esters and there are many just most are not that popular. You have your base products which are no ester and then it would be propionate,acetate,phenyl propionate,cypionate, enanthate,lorinate,deconate,undeconate, and i’m sure there are others I missed and I might not have spelled them all correctly but thats the basic ones off the top of my head.
If I could I would run nandrolone cypionate 500mgs and also use nandro base PWO 50mg 3x a wk with test cyp 500mgs split 250mg 2x a wk. I would need alot of caber and would add proviron to get more androgenic effects masteron enanthate would also be a great addition it would be a spin on the long cut mix minus the tren e.


Thanks for the info, I didn’t even know you could find np, or any other version, except the nandrolone base only cause I’ve heard you talk about it


And yes mast would be great


Just wanted to do an update on me originally posting this thread and then it going into PIP issues with EQ cyp…
The EQ cyp has zero PIP. Absolutely nothing! From seeing what some posts had said originally scared the shit out of me, but totally surprised how smooth it was. Anyway this was just my personal experience with the product!


Thanks I always love to hear how are sponsors are doing.


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Not a problem!
Edited previous statement


Bold Acetate is some strong S**T Brother!!! 100mg and was sick for 3 days


Really? What kind of sick? What was your experience like?


Im also curious did you continue to run it because everyone that has ever told me anything about bold ace or bold base hasn’t been good lol