Ever used Bold Cyp? (EQ with cyp ester)


So you’re right I do really enjoy NPP. NPP is nandrolone phenyl propionate and NP would be nandrolone propionate. the npp is about 3 days and the NP if you can find it would be about 2 days. I have never seen nandrolone propionate but I do have nandrolone base. I have seen recently nandrolone cypionate and the nandrolone deconate which would be decca.
The different esters and there are many just most are not that popular. You have your base products which are no ester and then it would be propionate,acetate,phenyl propionate,cypionate, enanthate,lorinate,deconate,undeconate, and i’m sure there are others I missed and I might not have spelled them all correctly but thats the basic ones off the top of my head.
If I could I would run nandrolone cypionate 500mgs and also use nandro base PWO 50mg 3x a wk with test cyp 500mgs split 250mg 2x a wk. I would need alot of caber and would add proviron to get more androgenic effects masteron enanthate would also be a great addition it would be a spin on the long cut mix minus the tren e.


Thanks for the info, I didn’t even know you could find np, or any other version, except the nandrolone base only cause I’ve heard you talk about it


And yes mast would be great


Just wanted to do an update on me originally posting this thread and then it going into PIP issues with EQ cyp…
The EQ cyp has zero PIP. Absolutely nothing! From seeing what some posts had said originally scared the shit out of me, but totally surprised how smooth it was. Anyway this was just my personal experience with the product!


Thanks I always love to hear how are sponsors are doing.


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Not a problem!
Edited previous statement


Bold Acetate is some strong S**T Brother!!! 100mg and was sick for 3 days


Really? What kind of sick? What was your experience like?


Im also curious did you continue to run it because everyone that has ever told me anything about bold ace or bold base hasn’t been good lol


Flu symptoms big time


Stay way clear of short ester boldenone, it makes people sick as fuck. I tried the first batch that came out well over a decade ago phrom Dpharm and it made me so sick. Its not cause its potent, its cause its horrible and that is why nobody sells it. Dpharm was also the first lab to add the Enth ester to Masteron so they knew what the were doing, boldenone isn’t the one you want!

Also, maybe I’m wrong here but the dihydro makes it not boldenone anymone, so it isn’t Boldenone Cypionate.
Would be like saying D-bol is oral EQ, while it might look like it molecularly, it simply isn’t the case.


so your saying if i have EQ cyp… its not really EQ? If its not what is it?


Sorry buddy, I’m laughing, but are you saying you don’t know what you have?


No such beast called EQ cyp. Yes it is boldenone but true EQ comes in only the udecylenate ester. Its a play on words for sure and dogging you more than anything. :wink:

Dianabol is the oral version of EQ but as @jymbo stated acts nothing like EQ and that would be my concern with Bold cyp.

“It’s also important to understand that Equipoise has been combined with the undecylenate ester as well. This is the chemical modification that has been made at the 17 beta hydroxyl group we highlighted above, and this is the chemical modification that allows Equipoise to improve its hormone release rate while at the same time boosting its half-life significantly as well.”


Yes, EQ Cypionate (as it is called) is not really Boldenone (ester is not part of the equation) So, EQ being Boldenone Undecylenate, DiHydroBoldenone Cypionate is not the same as Boldenone Cypionate aka Cypionate ester of Boldenone.

For example: Dihydro-Testosterone is a real thing, but it is not testosterone. Such is DiHydroboldenone. It is not boldenone, because as soon as you add a single atom to the original molecule it is something different. So if one was to add simply a carbon and a few Hydorgens to something that something is now methylXXXX whatever the original compound was,

A little street chemistry might clear it up: Take PseudoEphedrine, cleave off the oxygen molecule and you have Meth Amphed. Add 2 methoxy groups to methamphed and you have XTC, a completely different compound behaving in a completely different way. I’m not a master chemist, so I’m dumbing it down with the XTC analogy, but adding or subtracting even a single atom to or from a molecule changes what the original molecule is. So removing 1 atom of oxygen it goes from cold medicine to highly addictive street drug that causes mania and psychosis, oxidize it with a dimethoxy group and its now something completely different that instead of inducing paranoia makes people dance all night to horrible music and think they love people they don’t even know. It is easy to see the structure of something and as very similar to its parent compound, when in actuality it is something completely different.

Sorry if the drug analogies are not allowed, I’m not plugging recreational drugs but trying to give a simple analogy as to what changing the structure of a compound really means. And I’m not talking about different esterification but the altering of the base molecule. In this case Boldenone is being altered to DiHydroBoldenone by adding 2 hydrogen molecules to the original structure. It may sound like no big deal, but the result is a completely different compound. Simplistically speaking DHB is to Boldenone what DHT is to testosterone, and I think its safe to say nobody here is going to use 700mg of DHT and think it is going to be pretty much the same as 700mg of testosterone (minus the molar weight of 2 hydrogen molecules). Not to say DHT compounds don’t have their place, far from it, but one can see how DHT is not at all the same as testosterone even though it seems like its almost exactly the same molecule.

OK, I’m nerding out cause I love chemistry, but thats the gist of it.

Here is DHB

Here is Boldenone

You can see if you look at the benzene ring the O atom is attached to, the boldenone is missing a H atom and has a double bond. Might seem like just a single atom difference but that means its a different molecule all together.

That’s a dumb as I can make it, if it piques your interest to research it further I applaud you, if not I don’t blame you!


Bro, you’re gunna have to dumb down your responses a bit for half of the people here to even follow what you’re saying haha. Gotta put stuff in layman’s terms.


Crayons… :wink:


@jymbo your knowledge is formidable and your writing style is easy to follow. You should really consider writing some articles and posting them in specific categories for people who are interested to read as stand alones. Providing a google style searchable title would be great for viewership.

Nice job bro!


Just to keep it simple for the guys like me that have a short attention span
There both the 5alpha reduction of there original compounds

I like that you went deep into it @jymbo solid post.

@SemperFi I believe that it would be that EQ is the injectable version of dbol because dbol came first right?
Then you have stenbolone is the inj version of adrol

I wrote this just to get everyone to try and stay away from inj orals
There are true injectable compounds that are extremely similar to the orals that you are buying to inject but keep crashing. You can just get the injectable compound that won’t crash and will give you better results as an injectable then the actual oral injected.

After writing this I realize im probably going to catch hell for it because alot of people are probably going to disagree with me but its late and im ranting