Eroids Review. Are Eroids reviews Legit?


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Well even though I was banned from eroids im not going to just start saying bad things about them. Its a great board. Saying that there are also a ton of really knowledgeable members there i would name drop but I don’t know if they would want me to so I won’t. So just to let everyone know on eroids be careful who you take advice from the same guy giving you advice most times is only repeating what they read on the web because they have no real life experience. Get your advice from guys that have real life experience not just bro science and a parrot mouth.
I really liked being at eroids.

Overall though a good place with alot of great guys.


The problem is the freebie promos. The sources are real and many of them have great products but those freebies bring a lot of fake reviews. You have to wade through the bullshit.


I agree just shift through the bs and find the legit reviews.

Good to see you J


Jethro summed it up. There are some great sources and great members, you just have to be weary of fake reviews. When you are researching your next source you also need to research the members who have reviewed that source.
Still pretty easy to find good gear, just do your homework, I’ve met some great people there.


I tried explaining this to a MOD who was too empty headed to understand the concern, I was contacted to update a review in order to receive product. Then the source came back asking why I had left a bad review and I said because you asked for me to leave the truth, he didn’t send me any product for this.


i was on eroids for months .iam from the uk i uncovered 5 uk sources with diffrent names ,gym supp was one ,all bank sort codes and account was the same ,i told a friend ,i tried tell mod ,they banned me ,eroids has some good guys but know your facts if you gonna give advice ,or you will be flamed .pale ,greg ,are mods ,they bent as fuck