What’s anyone’s experience with EQ/Boldenone Undecylenate


In my case I didn’t let it shine…too much test and some Daca on top…but I definitely felt that constant hunger and I see the vascularity…I just took my last shot of the cycle doing 400 mg week


Between 600-800 IMO


@John I like to keep it around 600mg anything more tends to be a waste in my personal opinion.


I’ve ran at 600 and loved it.


Not quite ready yet but I’m gonna run it for 16 wks. Was thinkin of startin low at 400 then bumpin to 6 half way thru the 16…never ran it before


The most appealing thing to me about it is the hunger aspect, I know everyone is diff, but it seems to be a very common side with it, and that’s what it said it does to get horses some lean muscle


@John I ran 400mg for 16. I got an average return on investment. Keep an eye on your BP and donate blood when needed. Good luck on your decision. Personally I think increasing half way through is a waste with no useful benefits. EQ is like a slow cooker. The body needs to be exposed to a measured consistent dose in my opinion.


I’d honestly just do 600 the whole time if you have enough.


I have enough for 6 per week the whole 16, so taking into account what both you guys are saying, I can do 600 and stay consistent with the 600. Thanks guys


Yeah no sense upping with such an eater that takes so long to kick in. Give it those 8 weeks of 600 froom the start to get going then keep at it. Don’t expect massive gains but if dirt is on check with a slight surplus you’ll see solid lean gains and vascularity on EQ is fantastic. Also as was said, donate blood before, at 8 weeks and at 16.


@SemperFi totally agree bro. Good insight bro.


@PHD Consistent hormone levels is underrated. Peaks, valleys, and planning the cycle too short has always negatively impacted my results.

I cannot remember my exact RBC level on EQ but my ND was concerned I had developed Polycythemia. I had elevated BP as well. A simple single RBC donation put his mind at ease.


Hahahahaha same here when I got my blood work done my dr said ummmm I suggest you give blood ASAP lol


with eq 16 weeks is the least i would say is also very slow some people start it out with a up front load for the first week and then come down to the desire weekly amount which will be mantained for the whole cycle. My advise…start with the 600


My girlfriend and I give blood on somewhat reg basis so i will do it at week 8&16 thanks for all the input guys


Every body wins with a blood donation… This is a great example of my mantra ‘gains are measured by how much you give away for the benefits of others’.


Your right brother everybody benefits, I haven’t done it in a while but a older Vietnam vet got me into volunteering time on a horse farm and twice a week kids with autism came and we taught them to tack up the horse, then took them riding on the trails, hands down the best therapy/feeling I ever had


I def suggest 600-800 and 16 weeks and longer bud eq is one of my favs it gives me amazing pumps, vascularity, and severe appetite! You will def enjoy it good luck bro


Yes the appetite increase is what makes it most appealing to me