Emergency situation for BIGMURPH


Prayers sent your way brother


Hope everything is ok.



I appreciate all your prayers and kind words.
I wasn’t going to share about what is happening but sense you all showed me support I will give you the short story.

My father is having a extremely hard time for the past 4-5yrs lost the wife, the business which was in the family for almost 60yrs, he has basically lost his sanity. My father is a completely different person than I used to know.
I celebrated Thanksgiving during the day with him and my entire family for the first time in about 8yrs that we were all together. Then we went and did dinner at mom’s.

We had made plans to spend the whole day together the day after Thanksgiving. He was so happy and really excited because I don’t get to see him much because of the distance between us.
I started calling him at 8am to tell him that we were coming. My father since things went bad has before just decided that he didn’t want to keep plans. So I just assumed that he was ignoring me. I went to where he lives to just snatch him up and go out together for the day. I was beating on the door and no answer. I knew something wasn’t right. I kicked in the door to find my father not breathing lying on the bed as if he had just fallen and I could see that he was pale white zero color. I also smelled urine so I have found dead bodies before and when you die your bowels release. I was sure that he was dead. I literally flew from the front door to his bed in one leap and it was about 20ft. I smacked him as hard as I could and was going to start doing CPR. When I smacked him I was relieved because he took a breath but was completely incoherent.
The whole 911 thing and hospital all day yesterday. We don’t know yet what happened but it looked to me like he tried to commit suicide. He does have medical issues that could have caused it also. I just don’t know what to think or do if he tried to commit suicide especially knowing that I was going to find him like that. Then again it could have been from a medical condition that he has either way my father means the world to me.

I appreciate everyone’s support and prayers more than you can ever imagine. This is a difficult time for me so you might not see much from me for atleast a day or two. I apologize for this and if you do need anything hit me up but you will probably have to wait awhile for an answer.

Thanks more than you know brothers and sister


Some things are more important than ugm @Bigmurph
Stay strong brother. I know you’re always there for us- maybe time to take a temporary step back and give us the chance to be there for you. Love and prayers from London.


Much appreciated brother
Im up right now I haven’t been able to sleep this really fucked me up.
Im glad that I have ugm to vent and seek some serenity.


If this is a way for you to get anger, frustration, or anything that’s on your mind out than it can only be a positive thing! Kinda like if you have ever talked to a doctor about your feelings or depression they always tell you just write it down and throw it away, or burn it, or cut it up, etc… you can type out a whole ordeal and choose to post it or delete the whole damn thing… but what you did was get your emotions out either way and im proud of you for what you did! By way of what you actually went threw and then to share it, because now you can only get positive feedback from people who honestly care and mostly are here to read and be supportive! You guys have made UGM a family of supportive individuals and I think you did the best thing you could do by venting and putting yourself out there! Good luck bud I wish you and your family the best of luck and hope the remaining holidays become more and better memorable!:pray::pray::pray:


God knows who you are brother . I’ll have my church say a prayer for you and your family . We may be a bunch of enhanced misfits who seem unlikely to be Loved by God but were all Gods children. Best wishes my brother


Thanks for sharing your story.

It is not fun to find a love one in that state. Im sorry this isn’t or wasn’t the first time you’ve found a body like that.

It blows my mind how people get frozen or in such a shock that they just let that person go instead of calling for help.

So it’s awesome you took immediate action.

No one wants anything like that for their parents. With just the little bit of information you shared could he maybe go into a nursing home? This way he is in a facility that will care for him, help him, and treat him for his conditions?

He may not like it but it maybe the only option! You could maybe even relocate him to one closer to you so you could visit more! It will also help ease your mind knowing that he is ok. Instead of the constant worry about something happening like this again.

Hope for the best for you and your family! Keep us updated!


I’m sorry to hear that boss. I hope everything works out.


I could easily fit in at your church brother im no saint


So sorry to hear that you and your family are going through this man. You will be in my thoughts, hopefully things turn around for him. If there’s anything I can do for you please don’t hesitate to ask.


If there is anything you need to bounce off someone regarding any of this let me know and I’ll get u my email or whatever.


Just an update for everyone it wasn’t a suicide attempt. He is having complications again from a surgery that he had about a year ago maybe longer.
There is a good chance though that he might have taken alot more medication after the complication happened because he becomes very confused.

Once again I appreciate all your prayers and kind support


I really appreciate that brother


Thank you brother


Sorry to hear this brother! I will be praying for you all for a good outcome! Holler if u need anything…


I really appreciate you and @josh kind words and i. Looking into atleast having someone come to the house while my brother is at work or even take it as far as a nursing home. It troubles me that he was wearing his life alert for this exact reason and didn’t get a chance to use it I guess. So yeah we have to make a decision about this topic between me and my siblings


You are in our prayers


Take your time with the really important things Murph. We all will be fine without you and we will keep your family in our thoughts.


Agree with what @SemperFi said bro. Take your time and take care of yours.