Email security don't click links


So everyone receives emails with links in them that come from everywhere big companies to your buddy sending you something. There very convenient and this is why they are heavily exploited by scammers.
When you receive an email from anyone don’t just click on a link. I recently experienced an email that came from a encrypted email provider that said I needed to verify my account. Ok right the email is from there email server and it looks legitimate. I then realized that it didn’t have the normal tag saying the company name attached to the email.
I had to actually take a screen shot and send it to the email provider to find out that YES it’s a scam email do not click on any links is what they tell me.
This was probably one of the best ones I have ever seen. I would like to post it up but there is to much I would have to black out that you really wouldn’t be able to see anything anyways but I will say it was incredibly good and I wouldn’t have ever known that it was a scam if I hadn’t have thought about why it didn’t have the little attachment with the company name that is included with all emails from that company.
I just wanted to post this as a warning that you want to be careful when it comes down to how comfortable you get.
I got to comfortable and almost compromised my entire security. It would have just taken me to click the verify account button that I even recognized is the exact same one that company uses.
I have experience with so many scam emails that I figured that I could never be scammed by one. I was wrong because this email was perfect and I would have and almost did click the link.
Just a heads up that these emails are a popular way of getting you to download something on to your device.
Its Its nothing new but man they have gotten so good at it I was actually very impressed by this scam email.
Be safe brothers and sisters


In general I don’t know of any companies that would send you a link to click to verify your account. Always look at the domain the email comes from each time and verify it on google first.

Good reminder here’s because these are everywhere. Regular email. Secure emails. Work emails. People SUCK!

The worst is the txts and finically that target elderly. Makes my blood boil.


Yeah it really takes a low life to scam the elderly specifically.
This email actually came from the encrypted email companies email address. Im not sure how that worked but it was there domain and everything. The only difference was the email account was a different email address but it still had there domain. I actually believe that possibly it came from someone inside the company or someone was able to use there domain somehow.


I cant stand fkn thieves but especially pieces of shit who attack the elderly or lil kids! OMG i could beat them to death and sleep at night no problem! My grandmother is 92 and so sweet no fkn way could i imagine taking from people like her makes me completely sick to my stomach :nauseated_face: