Early am training or after noon training. Trying to fit everything in as a family man


I wear Ranger panties bro. I ditched the skivvies a long time ago hahaha


I like my junk to behave itself. Rangers give it too much freedom.


Ha ha but your in a “different place” then us non-ketogenics @Fitraver


Doesnt really matter I guess. My balls are the size od grapes right now hahaha. Still waiting for my HCG to help me out there


It’s shows lack of discipline to let them have to much freedom


No thats just @Fitraver. That dude packs away food 24,7,365. I rarely get hungry on a ketogenic diet.


Haha shit even on carbs I always wanted more. Keto is way less filling tho imo since there is less food weight.


4750 cals a day now. Still feel like I could add an entire meal haha


I typically disregard all of your keto posts, so don’t mind me asking, why is it you rarely get hungry, because you’ve conditioned your body that way?


So is it because your still adjusting your body to the diet, that your still hurts hungry at that number of cals?


Fat and proteins take longer to digest than carbs and delay the release of ghrelin and at the same time prolongs the release of leptin.

When nutrient depleted in keto your body and brain have adapted to use fat acids (body fat) as energy which may play a role.


I’m never really hungry through the day but i always eat regardless. Sometimes it’s a chore but I have to be around 4k calories before I start feeling that way.


Tbh I think it’s because i just like food lol. As I said I was always still hungry on the carb diet. Although I do feel it’s a little worse on keto just because it’s less good to eat. So my mind sees it as less even tho the cals are the same.


I love the keto lifestyle.



Yep, PJs, I’m getting old… It gets down to -30 at times with 70mph winds. Fucking brutal, I aint that tough.
Plus I still have to walk through my back yard to the garage. We already have a nudie neighbor in the hood, 1 is plenty. Just wish she was good looking.

What are ranger panties? Ultra masculine gender bending, really confuse the fuck out of some squares.


They are really thin, almost silk feeling, short running shorts. Like the 1980s style running shorts. Made to wear like boxers


Larry bird shorts lol


On my days off I find myself going to the gym twice a day. To work my groups that I want more from. I try to go light weight but a full workout and within 6 hours go in and go as heavy as possible. I’ve had crazy gains that way. Back in the day I trained ever day. Sometimes life gives you a nasty curve ball


Is that where you got your name lol


Lmao no. Being a Marine and the fact that my ancestry is from the Norway and the Scandinavian peninsula, I used to use that as a call sign