Drug Test... High Creatinine.. Help!


I’m currently running a cycle & because of some old legal issues I have to take random drug tests.
I recently had an issue with high creatinine levels & I’m thinking it’s because the juice…
Does anyone have an information on this? What things can help with this? I’m going to start drinking more water especially on test days and avoid working out before test’s… oh & no more creatine.


Creatinine levels will fluctuate on the high end during cycle but those high creatinine levels are due to mass amounts of sweating during more intense activity, lactic acid build up during heavier training sessions and because you’re processing proteins at a higher rate your kidneys are more stressed than normal. Drink more water and cut out the creatine or reduce it and you’ll be fine.


Creatinine is a by-product of protein or muscle breakdown, along with urea. High levels in blood or urine can be a sign of kidney damage in a non muscle head. There are other checks and it depends how high it is. If your eating a lot of protein and causing trauma to muscle from training, probably that.


A while back I had a high creatinine level was taking creatine at time of the test. I cut the creatine for a week and went back for a follow up test and results were normal. Like these guys have said could be a few issues that are not necessarily serious but definitely something you want to keep an eye on.


I didn’t even know they check for high creatinine levels. Low creatine is how they check to see if you diluted your urine sample.


@Burrr I got in more trouble for having a high then if I would have gotten a low. Crazy to because if I was trying to hide something I would have diluted and got a low. Judge thought I was ‘supplementing’ to cover something up. He said my levels were so high I should be dead.
Funny thing though I’m towards the end of my cycle and have had no problems until the other day

@Ryan1007 I think maybe the creatin in my pre workout raised it a little bit. I also went to the gym right before testing. Not a lot of water that day too


High creatinine levels can cause false positives with certain cheap tests.


I generally have high creatinine numbers on bloodwork, never close to death though.

I wonder what they think they can accuse you of for having high creatine levels ? Its a legal supplement.
But better off just to pass the test and not cause any waves with the court


Sounds like they wanna give you shit, so you will admit to something. “We” don’t even believe that if you water load and then take creatine or eat a lot of meat, exercise like crazy will increase creatinine. With a drug abuse testing, only low creatinine, SG, temp, and stupid adulterants are considered. Is there more to story? The point was some people think they can dilute by drinking a ton of water and then finding a way to increase creatinine in urine.


Correct - if not taking creatine, it is definitely from high protein and muscle breakdown.


Cheap high end test or cheap test will not make a different. High creatine level in simple form is a by product of muscle break down. The next time you have a test, Stop working out for a week and the day of the test drink lots of water. Guaranteed your creatine levels will be normal. Unless their is kidney issues. which you should have further test done.

Many Dr.'s panic when BB’ers come back with high creatine levels. I have sat down with mine and have explain the science behind the “why.” I have tested with high creatine level on an life insurance policy. I asked to be retested - they got me off guard when they showed up. Told them I wold retest in 10 days. Stopped working out drank about an gallon of water before the test and came back normal in the lower end of the spectrum. I was told by agent they were so confounded they almost had be test again. Hope this helps.


Absolutely, it’s a puzzle but I’ve reminded docs about serum CK, when looking at a patients cardiac markers or dvt. Mine is high, so were a patient that obviously worked out. The body doesn’t know trauma of giant sets of squats, lunges, leg presses, leg ext but as aristo started the levels will quickly want to go back to normal. Again also high levels versus critical is different. A provider can put it all together but they have to go through the tests as if it’s significant because a guy that trains hard can get kidney failure or rhabdo same as the next guy. Otherwise, the lawyers get involved!


Wait, here’s the big question… What was your creatinine levels and where did this judge get his medical degree lmao. Oh that’s right, he’s a judge, not a doctor. Smh.


Update… Ive been drinking plenty of fluid and also dont workout before testing & havent had any issues since. Thank you all for the feedback.

@Berserker the judge said my levels were so high I should be dead… lol


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