Dragon Pharma DHB and Superdrol Log


Don’t forget the syrup lol


@northface384 Is this your first use of superdrol?


No, I’ve used superdrol a few times in the past. It was actually the first prohormone I ever used about 10 years ago. I’ve used injectable and oral superdrol in that past and loved it. I’ve never used Dragon Pharma’s before.


Sdrol is one of the orals I never made it around to. Looking forward to following your log @northface384. DP has a solid rep and I hope it provides you with exactly what you are expecting from it.


I’m sure they will. Dragon Pharma has always tested very well. I can’t wait for my order to arrive. I’m thinking about using the Superdrol mid cycle or as a finisher so I can see more true results of the DHB. I’m also do for more labs so I kind of want to see were my lipids are at before adding in a harsh oral like superdrol.


I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Years. Great news, my tracking has now updated and I expect my package should be here in a few days.


Great news bro!! Can’t wait for this. Thanks for the update.


Hey everyone! It’s been a while since my last update so there has been in issue that has been well taken care of. There was an issue with Dragon Pharma where they shipped out old 200mg DHB that was crashed when I received it. I did receive my superdrol and there was a free Test P in the order. I first got in contact with @Fitraver and let him know what happened. He got in contact with @PharmaComStore and they both got to the bottom of the issue. Both of @Fitraver and @PharmaComStore handled this issue super fast and with a MORE than generous resolution. First DP offered me a $300 credit on DP gear at @PharmaComStore and then @PharmaComStore also offered my a $350 credit to anything of my choice! They also said they would reserve my some new DHB when it arrives next month. I was totally blown away by this. I was never concerned by the issue. I fully trusted a long time company like @PharmaComStore would fix any issue, but I never expect this kind of generosity. Thanks again @Fitraver and @PharmaComStore your customer service is some of the best I’ve ever experienced. I can’t wait for my new pack to land. So my log will be a little different than what i originally posted. I now have all DP Test E 400, Deca 500, NPP, Tren E, Test and Tren Suspension and Adex on the when. I haven’t mapped out the cycle yet, but have a good idea and it could change if/when DHB gets thrown in. I will be starting as some as the gear lands.


Thank you bro for your understanding. Again I apologize that happened with the DHB, but I am very pleased with how @PharmaComStore @PharmaComStore_Rep stepped up to make this right as I knew they would. And hey, now you have a full DRagon Pharma blast to run!! I’m excited to see that logged.


The new pack is on its way. Hopefully only another week! I can’t wait to get this started


It’s been awhile, but my package has landed and it’s time to blast. I pinned 200mg of my Test E400 and 150mg of the NPP. The oil draws up super fast and pins super smooth. My cycle is gonna look something like
1-16 Test E 400-600mg
1-5 NPP 450mg
6-7 NPP 300mg
6-10 Superdrol 20-30mg Ed
4-14 Deca 250mg
8-16 Tren E 200-300mg
Aromasin 12.5 e3d or eod
Tren and/or Test Suspension on heavy training days. Supporting Supps are
Fish Oil 4 g
Dhea 25mg
Black seed oil
Citrus Bergamot 500mg
Nac 600mg
Grape Seed Extract 300mg
Magnesium 400mg
Coq10 200mg
It’s been awhile since my last solid blast so I’m looking forward to putting on some solid size and strength. I’m currently 210 maybe around 10-12% BF. This is the smallest body weight I’ve been at in several years. Training will be between 3-4 days a week. Training is all focused around the big 3. It’s been 2 years since I’ve stepped foot on the platform. I’m looking to compete at the end this year and smashing some PRs.


I would start the decca earlier because your gonna be left on nothing but decca because it takes forever to clear your system and you could have some unwanted side effects


Thanks @Bigmurph , correction has been make. I’ll add the deca in at week 4 or would u add it as early as week 3? And I didn’t mention I of course have nolva and caber on hand as well as Proviron and masteron e if I need a little boost in libido. I am also thinking of adding GW in to see the positive effects on lipids I keep hearing about. Anyone use GW while in cycle for lipids?


I don’t know about the gw ive never used it I use MIC injection and the liver protectant MIC tabs and after I use the Threonine after stopping the orals.

I would start the decca from the beginning if you want it is low dose and npp has a heavy ester so you won’t be getting more than the amount of testosterone you are taking maybe start wk 2


Yesterday was squat day. Last week was a deload. Idk why, but I normally feel worse coming off a deload. Yesterday felt good through. Training was

Square w/ buffalo bar RPE 7
Bar x 6
Bar + 1 chain each side x 6
115 + 1 chain each side x 6
155 + 2 chains each side x 6
205 + 2 chains each x 6
245 + 3 chains each 2 x 4
265 + 3 chains each 2 x 4

SSB Bar Sq against orange bands RPE 7
160 x 4
210 x 4
250 x 4
250 x 4

Belt Squat

Leg curls


So I’ve pinned twice so far with .5ml of the Test 400 and 1ml npp and no real pip. I can tell where I pinned bc I prob pinned through scar tissue in my glutes, but no pip. I’m late on the update, but Tues training was bench. Bench has always been my worst lift. I complete “ equipped” and my best in a meet is 475 at 218. My goal is to hit 500 finally by the end of this year. I’ve been competing for at least 8 year and I finally feel like I half way know how to set up for the bench press…

Light DB press and lat pulls for warm up
4 x 15-20 each

Shoulder Saver / 2 board bench RPE 7
45 x 2 x 5
95 x 5
135 x 5
185 x 5
225 x 2 x 3
235 x 3
245 x 3
255 x 3

Buffalo bar bench RPE 7 (only the second time doing this) the extra 1” of ROM on this movement is scary for anyone that has had pec issues. I do this with a much slower tempo going down bc I have had a nagging issue with my left pec in the past.
145 x 4
205 x 4
215 x 4
225 x 4

Chest supported rows
4 x 12
Incline DB
4 x 12
4 x 12
Rolling tri ext
Face pulls
4 x 25

Next week I will be adding in the deca to go ahead and get that rolling. I’m deadlifting this afternoon so I’ll update later.


Figured I’d post a start picture of the cycle.


Thanks for posting a picture I wish we could see more.
Really know what everyone is looking like.
You got a solid build keep pushing it brother.
500lb bench I could never do it after rupturing my bicep but that’s a cool ass goal


Deadlifts training went well the other day.
Block pulls with chains RPE 7
135x5 2 chains
185x5 2 chains
225x5 4 chains
275x5 4 chains
315x2x3 6 chains
365x3 6 chains
385x2x3 6 chains


Belt Squat narrow stance
Hammer curls


So work and life has been a little crazy lately. I just found out a few days ago my father has lung cancer. The doctors seem to be very positive about it and even said, “if A person were to have cancer, this would be the cancer you would want to have.” He is having surgery the week after next and they are hopeful they can remove all of it easily.

Even working 60+ hours a week and every thing else going on training is going well. Monday was squat day. Everything moved super quick. In and out in 1hr 15mins.
Squats w/ buffalo bar RPE 8
65x5 2 chains
115x5 2 chains
155x5 4 chains
205x5 4 chains
245x2 6 chains
275x2 6 chains
295x2 6 chains
335x2 6 chains
365x2 6 chains

SSB Squats w/ light bands RPE 8
Belt squats
Leg curls