Dr. FeelGood is in the House



Quick and dirty because I said I would get this posted ASAP…

At some point in time everyone of us suffer from a low sense of well being, anxiety, depression, irritability or every thing in between.

I think the one that I have suffered from the most at any given time is irritability. When I am irritable I get really impatient and I don’t like that about myself so I went on a search several years ago to find a natural way to relieve my issue. I can’t take credit for the choices because I found it online and I wish I could remember where so I could give credit the individual. Here is my Dr. FeelGood prescription. It is simple, cheap, effective and it works great added to a tren cycle.

L-Theanine 400mg 2X/day
L-Tryptophan 750mg 2X/day (500mg before bed optional)

I am not going to go into all the research on these two EAA’s because you can do the research yourself and quickly find out why they are effective.

I will say that it does take 5-7 days to actually experience change but if these are taken regularly you can relieve the symptoms of many mood issues. These two amino’s are cheap and easy to find.

I hope this will help at least one person in the future.

TRT Does Not Seem to Be Working

Reminds me of when I take 5htp after raves :wink: good post man.


Thanks @Fitraver. Tryptophan is a 5-HTP, NAS, Serotonin, and Melatonin precursor. :wink: But there is a VERY important pathway that Tryp (pun intended) will provide that taking 5-HTP will not… Tryptamine conversion.


Thanks for posting that I feel the same, and now I will go check this out


Oh that pun was just too much hahahaha love it.


Thanks for sharing my friend. I may have to try that someday…sounds like a great combination.


Another amazing post from our resident doctor @SemperFi! Love ya bro you are the man!


Ha ha yup!


i am sooo on it…cus i am feeling AAALLL those right now…and its messing with my drive and motivation in the worst way…i have been struggling so now i will look at this stuff…i had a couple other quick fixes i used…but they are not natural and def not stuff to take too much…so i may take them for a week out of the month…

thank u soo much! :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley: :clap::clap::muscle::muscle::muscle:


@fitstudboi You are very welcome. I honestly would advise that they be used regularly combined with a high potency B complex for a person who is struggling with multiple symptoms. Doing so will help adrenal fatigue recovery that comes from life stresses. Only using them one week out of the month really doesn’t make sense to me. Remember the body does not store amino acids. It produces a few and balance comes from our diet.

I wish you the very best and I sincerely hope this will provide you with relief, Throw in a hand full of cashews daily… Google it. :wink:


oh for sure your stuff i will be on regularly and i loove cashews!..so i will get more of those…its the other stimulants i have now that i take a week out of the month cus of fear of damage to my body…they work instantly and pretty good…last 4 hrs peak the decreases…but the stuff u just recommend would replace the stimulants i have now and getting your prework out suggestion…so i will be good to go shortly!..finally! :smiley::smiley::smiley:


Right on… Misunderstood. Don’t hesitate to spread the EAA dose throughout they day for a consistent delivery. I just do mine morning and lunch for convenience.

These will not interfere with any medications or supplements that you are currently taking.


Dr.FeelGood to the rescue again! Fantastic advice and much appreciated bro i just might give this a try myself!