Don't be afriad to go get checked by the doctor


Never but it’s not a bad idea


Listen to your body. I had an issue while working out a couple weeks ago. Went to the doc and had a stress test. I smoked that👍now waiting on the results of the ultrasound. Can never be too cautious with your heart. I’m sure everything will come out normal but it’s good for the piece of mind.


That’s exciting brother, how long have you been in the field?


Over 15 years. Still alive keep moving. Could spend a year on why I wouldn’t be a physician or why getting an a MSN might not even be a financial decision…lol better to get mba and head up insurance co.


Its a carotid scan , still info. The perfusion to the heart is measured pretty good by calcium coronary scan , ct scan actually was shown to be pretty close to 60% or more recently to invasive procedures. The “heart scan” is down to around 400 w/o insurance covering.


15 years?! That’s impressive. Honestly bro, I completely agree that may not be the most beneficial. I’m just enjoying learning as much as I can at the moment, that is literally the only part about it that excites me. Knowledge and my fascination with the human body.


And in the meanwhile I’m making several real estate investments and watching market trends desperately to cover the financial part


If you ever have any questions feel free. I actually applied to med school in omg…1993…huh??? I don’t know if they score it the same or whatever. I didn’t come from any money or alumni from anywhere so it was hard. I don’t know if your doing pre reqs , applying, etc. I too love to question and learn. Always be teachable. It took me a long time to figure out I couldn’t and didn’t want to know everything!!! There are many states that give a lot of autonomy to NPs , NMD or naturopathic, even clinical nurse specialists. Some states a PA c is higher up the chain than others. This is as far as billing insurance, freedom not to have to work under an md…the VA has given the advanced practice nurse total freedom across the country pretty much. I’m not trying to talk u into being a nurse…no way…I have so many scars in my back!


I’m always curious on what is the real reason some of us die from heart issues so early. Is it really just the AAS use or are there just other factors many of us might have to cause this? I would assume most of us are larger than the average human and it’s already taxing on the heart? Many people including myself have had drug and alcohol addiction problems in the past. Perhaps it’s the diet? We eat so perhaps some of that goes and fuck up our arteries and stuff.


I think theres many factors to it. From the diet especially. When i moved to europe I noticed a huge difference in food quality and how I felt on foods here. Anyone that tries to run a flight of stairs on Tren knows how taxing it can be to the body also.


In Italy, i felt so good from eating the food there. Home made food from my girls family and good family restaurants that make quality Whole Foods. I just finished vacationing there for about 2 months and I keep my body fat down even though I ate a lot.


Sorry for your loss man, I try to do full medical tests at least once a year, on top of keeping up the high quality food and supplementation. Considering the genetic health predisposition test too - anyone here ever try that?


You can easily get a heart rate monitor for cheap, and BP machines are not that expensive. I know for sure tren will fuck with both for me.


I’m currently doing rotations at hospitals and clinics, haha I was born in 93’… I feel you on that brother. I didn’t come from money not alumni either so I’ve been doing it all on my own. I will say being a nurse has crossed my mind a few times, especially since doing rotations at hospitals. And thanks brother, will definitely hit you up when I have questions!


Rotations? So medical school rotations , grand rounds or seeing if its for you before med school but during undergrad…don’t forget if you haven’t started med school…a bsn is good because all your clinical will look good . 93…born?shit… I hate u…:grinning: you will knock it out. You just need to stay alive!.


In my program, year 2 is clinical rotations. I should have gotten my bsn… I’d be done and approaching MSN. Haha yeah… 93, thanks bro!


Any guys here have problems with always feeling sleepy, despite having enough hours of sleep, carefully chosen supplements and good nutrition?


I get sleepy as fuck when I get home from work at 4, but I’ll lie awake sometimes from 2 to 4 am .

But yes. I’m sleepy often.
I can take a nap on demand most of the time.


On demand?? I can’t even fall asleep until 2 hours after lying in bed.


A little late in the topic but im going back to my doctor on Monday to get all my check ups done… originally was supposed to go on the 28th, but im changing that for Monday. Getting checked is a must!