Domestic source/shipper with pharma quality gear


Whats up guys just wanted to say I placed a sizable order with a domestic shipper @NandroXL he was real nice, easy to get ahold of, and gave me a great price. Package was shipped on tuesday and arrived at my home thursday morning. Everything looks perfect I can’t wait to try. My order was 5 vials test e, 5 vials deca, 3 vials test cyp, 100 tabs anavar, and 20 tabs arimidex. He also hooked me up with 30 free viagra. All pharma grade gear definitely worth it! Anyone who wants to order pharma grade gear domestic US hit him up :ok_hand:t2:


Nandro has never let me down either


Nandroxl was a verified src at ugm in the past. We would love to have him back around. Great guy


Me neither!


So isn’t in the forum then?


So you give your blessing on this SRC?


That sounds pretty friggin awesome!!


I will give a chance to competition :slight_smile: I need more privacy … I’m on emailed and always watching what’s going on around :smile:


I like this dude cool personality!!


I’ve seen around a lot…I wish it was this way 20 years ago…no wait. I’d be dead for sure. Everything has its reasons. For an idiot kid like I was believing nubain was great for training and anti catabolic. Lucky I was too young for the disco , studio 54 , cocaine not addictive era. abs don’t count if you 140lbs.


Wait…not if your 5’ 9". Phew, don’t want to piss off the vertically challenged bbers or physique class F. 5’1"


Nandro got his rep going on meso and I think they have him slammed.


I can’t anymore but I would have in the past.
He is no longer an active verified src he went private.
He would though be welcomed back instantly if he would like.


You are awesome man your posts are insanity that i can totally understand and relate to! Love how you and @SemperFi make me crack the fuck up!! Good shit!


At least I have a few outlets. I sleep well at nite. Many days gotta put on that phony mask for all the blind mice out there.


Outlets are good.


I am back !! open to new customers :slight_smile:


Welcome back :upside_down_face:


Cool to see another verified sponsor welcome back @NandroXL


Welcome back my man