Do not use these VPNs


Leak test was done by BestVPNs of 74 VPNs. The ones listed here failed.

Ace VPN (paid version)
AzireVPN (paid version)
Betternet (free version)
BTGuard (paid version)
DotVPN (free version)
Hoxx VPN (both the free and paid versions)
Hola (free version)
Ivacy (free version)
Ra4w VPN (paid version)
SecureVPN (paid version)
Speedify (free version)
Touch VPN (paid version)
VPN Area (paid version) (paid version)
VPN Gate (free version)
VPN Unlimited (paid version)
Zenmate (free version)


Glad mine isn’t on the list!


Yeah neither is the 5 I use lol




Wow… you guys left me so far …far behind


@TrenGod does that mean you run 5 VPN’s in parallel?


No. In some cases I run double vpn or Tor over vpn but not all cases. I have mutliple vpn routers set with different purposes. Streaming. Work. Even my guest wifi has a vpn on it as Im not sure what someone using it would access. My phone VPN is same way. Different service on everything.


Good ta know. Thanks my friend.


Great post.