DNP lab taken down in the UK


A DNP lab taken down in the UK. They even called out the bomb squad and they were making it from scratch


Nothing about that environment seems sterile… always makes me wonder where the stuff my lab rats take are being made.


I can show you what a ugl lab thinks is a good sterile room to create products in.

Then I can also show some videos that make you want to stay away from gear all together.

Its a dirty game that’s why I like my pharma grade products and my big name international companies that use actual pharmaceutical factories to produce in.


I’m right there with you as of lately bro. Gave @SymBiotecLab a shot and I absolutely love his product thus far. But I am definitely looking into pharm grade product now that I’m back doing international again


I also ordered symbiotec I haven’t started the oils yet but the nolvadex is amazing the proviron is just proviron