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Diets can be simple or they can be complicated. The important point to understand is there is no such thing a ‘one size fits all’ diet. Just like we are unique as individuals diet are just as diverse and each of us react differently to almost every diet. The full effects of an actual lifestyle change does not take place until it reaches the cellular level. If you google the life cycle of a human cell you will see it is a very long process. Most of us are not looking for the benefits of a complete body remake at the cellular level and are looking for short term specific results. That is why it is important to have a specific diet plan for our current specific needs… When I speak of diet I am talking about the QUALITY of the nutrients that a person should consume. My personal preference is always natural locally sourced whole foods. Limiting processed foods, which have almost zero nutrient value, and avoiding added sugars will help maintain a healthy insulin sensitivity and can even reverse insulin resistance. In fact, I will go out on a limb and GUARANTEE if you simply removed these two things from your diet you will see phenomenal results. Below you will find a diet that can be used as template for your own personal needs or purposes. It is tailorable and provides an open ended food option based on total daily macros. This diet template provided me with 20lbs of solid clean gains when I used it back in 2016 and incorporated my own personal TDEE based on my training routine. Everyones TDEE varies based on age, height, weight, BF% and activity level. All the formula numbers used are just an example. The higher your TDEE the higher your calories per pound of body weight. If you want to add weight after or cut weight you simply adjust the calories per pound. If you find the calories per pound or macro breakdown is not providing you with the results you desire I recommend making SMALL changes every 2-3 weeks. Males have an advantage over our female counterparts as we generally react quicker to diet changes but going too far too fast can have a negative impact on results. Females might need 3-4 weeks to see the actual effects of diet changes.

Calorie formula - 17 calories per pound 200 x 17 = 3400

Total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) = 3029 calories

3400 calories is our Day 2 baseline.

Day 1 - Protein 400g=1600 cals, Fat 72g=800 cals, Carbs 150g=600 calories, TOTAL - 3000 calories

Day 2 - Protein 350g, Fats 72g, Carbs 300g, TOTAL - 3400 calories

Day 3 -Protein 250g, Fats 72g, Carbs 450g, TOTAL - 3600 calories

3 day average daily calories = 3333 calories

3 day average daily surplus = 304 calories

3 day average carb intake = 300g

Take note of the carb progression. Day 2 again is the base line. Day 1 is -50% of the baseline and Day 3 is +50% of the baseline.


Nice post bro good info here


Some may not like the heavy fat content and might wish to adjust it. I have good success with a higher percentage of fats but I avoid ALL trans fats and get my fats from healthy sources.


I’ll probably go back to some carb cycling here soon. I always liked that. Putting the higher carbs on leg or. Back or chest days and lower on non train days. Def saw solid results.


Diets, still after all these years confuse the the shit of me, and I wish I had more clear understanding of it all! Thanks for sharing


In my diet i eat 40% carbs, 35% healthy fats, and 25% protein which is still 1.5g per pound of bodyweight. You dont need to eat a ton of protein when eating abundant amounts of carbs and fats. My sources of fats are whole eggs, fats from animal protein, extra virgin olive oil, macadamia nut oil, and teddys all natural peanut butter which are all very heart healthy. I avoid as much saturated fats and zero transfats no fried foods i also stay away from simple sugars. My carb sources are oatmeal, jasmine rice, gluten free pasta, and green veggies. Does the trick for me.


@MBTJR1980 you ever tried imperial black rice? It is great cold with coconut, mango and papaya.


Bro hearing you say that was music to my ears. I always stick to 1.5 per lb as well. For awhile back when I had a coach a few years ago he had me on 2+ per lb. and I always thought it was too much but stuck with that. And man I was like I love carbs so much I’d rather have carbs than all this protein haha. Switched to 1.5 and have had no less of good results. Carbs are protein soaring and taste 10000x better lmao


No but it sounds great the way you described it have to try it out


Yeah for sure loooooove those yummy carbs my brotha!


@Fitraver I would say that a person in this game has to learn and program their body to be metabolically flexible. It is so easy to stick to the same thing because it worked in the past to only find out your bodies metabolism has changed at the cellular level and the chosen diet no longer provides the expected results. I have seen this in myself and others I know. We have to always be prepared and react to change.

I am nowhere close and probably never will be at the level that professionals are but I am becoming and getting close to being the best ‘me’ I can be. Fortunately I will never be satisfied and will always strive to be better inside and out.

50+ is the new 25. :wink:


@Tooorch its ok. There is a lot in life that confuses me. My 5 year old grandson can use my iPhone better than me. :wink: It takes experience and trial & error. I always try to learn one new thing every diet, every cycle, every routine. Find a template to follow… monitor results… adjust as needed. There is nothing wrong with trying something from someone you trust. Standing on the shoulders of giants is a great way to reach the top. It doesn’t matter how smart you are but how smart the people you surround yourself with are! :wink:

If you want a starting point that does not require counting calories or macros simply go to a whole food diet. Don’t eat anything that was not food 100 years ago. I bet you a Ruth Chris steak dinner with sides it will provide you with positive results that you and others will see. Deal?

Here is my formula for success-

Method (Time + Consistency) = Results


I agree bro!!! Always evolving and progressing.


Thanks for the words and shetjng tge knowledge brother!


Everyone’s body is different and what you have to learn through trial and error is what works best for your body as it most likely will be completely different than mine or fitraver, semper fi ect. Once you do you will be able to accomplish anything through diet changes and cardio. Just remember that this takes years


Years! :wink: