Deca / NNP together?


Gents…starting my winter cycle soon which will be 20 weeks of 400 test enathate and 400 deca per week. Has anyone found it beneficial to kick start the deca with NNP, example 200 deca and 200 NNP per week for the first 4 weeks in effort to give the longer ester in deca time to kick in? Or just be patient with the deca, which I’m quite familiar with…been running it since the late 90s with the old Organon 100mg amps (Which were a pain in the ass!) Thanks guys!


I would just use npp fuck deca. No benefit in mixing the two in my opinion.


So I have tried this and unless your plan is to run for 16wk or more I would recommend the npp also like @PHD said just keep in mind that the ester weight of phynylproipinate is heavy so running npp I would use a higher dose than if running decca. I didn’t see any advantage to kick starting with npp while also being on decca.
So it really comes down to goals and length of cycle at 20wks I would use decca. If you’re looking to do a very heavy dirty bulk go with decca. If you’re looking to run a shorter cycle than npp is definitely the goto I would recommend.
If you’re really interested in a nandrolone kick start use nandrolone base as a pwo. I really enjoy nandrolone base.


I have always used either npp or deca, but since I first used npp a few years ago I’ve never gone back to deca. It is strange to me, like @Bigmurph said I always had to run my npp high than deca to see great results. I normally think with shorter ester I can use a low dose bc of how faster acting it is or how must more of the hormone is “active” like comparing test p to test e


The propionate ester is actually much lighter than phenylpropionate ester. I actually believe that this is why we rarely see the pp ester except when attached to testosterone or nandrolone. I don’t believe that I know of another compound that uses this ester besides those two.
You really lose alot of mg compared to a propionate ester. I have been searching for a nandrolone propionate for awhile but have never been able to find anyone providing it.
I have seen nandrolone cypionate which made me curious but I never did end up using it.


@Bigmurph … what has been your experience on the half life off NNP? I’ve read some conflicting information … ranging from 2-5 days … regardless, EOD injects seem to be the most common administration.


I personally inj mon wed fri when I use npp.
It has always gone well.


Good to know! Thanks

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