Dark Trenbolone Base



welcome to inquiry.


That s*** looks wicked, yummy😋


Thats the prettiest brown I have ever scene.


Ummm this just shows the inexpirance here. That doesn’t look good at all guys. Looks like tar. TrenA should not be this dark


I believe its tren base and ever base that I have used has always been darker than the ace.


Yes it’s base and 100mg holy fuck that’s high for base and I’ve never seen any tren base ace and enth this dark. Looks like tar


Not gonna lie, if I received oils this dark. I wouldn’t pin it, just for my peace of mind.


I wouldn’t either bro


About 6 years ago I used to get Tren base that was damn near almost red. It was most definitely legit, but haven’t really touched Tren B since.


Yes,trenbolone base,more darker than ace/enanth.


Alll oils and orals ready to go,welcome to inquiry.T/A 3-4days.
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Its because during the cooking process it oxidizes.
I don’t know much about it because I have never cooked before but I had a cook tell me that the color depends on how much the raws have oxidized and the carrier oil