Cycle you saw the most growth from?


Pretty simple question. Curious what cycle you have ran that you thought you saw the most growth from or where you really feel you took your physique to the next level after. If you wanna share dosages great, if not all good.

Interested to see what everyone says.


I was just talking about this with @fitstudboi but I saw growth (water weight) with deca-500mg per week-npp-400mg per week n sust-600mg per week, it was only my 3rd cycle, I didn’t know a thing, researched nothing, and ate horribly, but still gained, the only problem I had with it was my little guy wouldn’t come out to play, At that point I knew nothing about mast p or provision or I would have added to keep libido up, I am tempted to try it again, but with the Proviron n mast p


Sust 1500 mg week
Deca 900 mg week
Slin 10 iu 2 x Ed
That’s is allot of food and power workouts put on over 24 lbs of lean mass ,cycle was 20 weeks

This is BIGMURPH I just wanted to add that slin is a extremely experienced only product. Unless you are a true veteran like @Mountain-man don’t use slin.


@John @Mountain-man thanks for the iniht guys. Mountain I still need to run some sust. I also have never ran deca.

What about you @PHD @UNITED @MBTJR1980 @Bigmurph @Iron_Junkie_Labs


My best gains are have been on gh, test, deca, and inj d-bol recently i gained 15lbs of pure muscle on this stack. 4iu gh 1st thing in morning ed before breakfast, 0.5mg arimidex eod, 100mcgs of t4 daily, test400 deca300 injectable d-bol50 1cc of each eod. 6000 cals a day 40% carbs, 30% protein and fat. Train 4 days a week as hard as you fkn can 20mins cardio pwo except on leg day!


Nice brother!! That’s beastly. My precious coach I had was big on keeping cardio In even when bulking. Looks like I need to try me some deca. That’s 3 for 3 on people saying it wasn’t part of their best cycle.


Best gains from a cycle were my last cycle before I stopped using in my early 20s
It was sust at 250mgs e3d for 16wks pharma grade organon. I also used dbol at 20mg PWO which is strange but I use to run dbol with every cycle and I realized that I didn’t need to split the dbol throughout the day to get the best results. I really believe that I made better gains using it as a PWO. I would also experience alot less side effects taking the lower dose all at once.
I ended up being 220ish and I was really lean back then. Except for when I was bulking with the dbol.
I gained around 10-15lbs of solid muscle mass after a strong eca stack cut down and I would do pct back then so that was a solid cycle and great gains. I kept growing even after the cycle because the sust lingers for around 4wks maybe a bit longer after the last pin.
That was my best to date but this cycle coming up will definitely break a 15lb gain.
Test e 200mg a wk primo im going to just go all in and run 800mgs from the start , proviron 50mg split ed for the whole run, mhn 10-20mg first 4wks and last 4wks, hgh at 2iu maybe 3iu im looking into using the turbovital from naps thats igflr3 also and this would be a possible game changer. I could add on 30-40lbs of mass if I really went hard. I have spoken with a couple of top guys and they swear its gods gift to bbing.
Sorry for the long post I was in the zone, excited while writing this because I can’t wait to get going.


Haha don’t apologize. Dbol is another one that i have yet to use. Funny that nobody has said tren yet. I feel like hats always the one people mention. But probably not so much for actually adding size since it’s typically in a cut. Man I can’t wait for the day I get to run a primo cycle. I’m pumped for you.


My top favorite cycle was 20 week cycle of Primo, Test Prop, and Tbol. I started it with 4 weeks of Tbol and ended it with another 4 weeks of tbol and the strength gains were astonishing! By the end of the cycle i had gained 10lbs of solid muscle and i was on a caloric deficit diet as well, it was a ketogenic diet. So even though i was bearly eating carbs i still felt great and full of energy and i must say i got pretty lean down to %10 bf with some solid LBM gain, ohh and i was eating protein like it was candy haha :laughing:


Holy shit! 20 weeks of keto?!? You’re brave lol


I will admit i had to throw in a cheat meal every now and then for the first 8 weeks Haha and also allow me to clarify that it was keto for the last 12 weeks and the first 8 was more of a priming of the body to get it ready for the strict dieting that a keto demands :muscle:


I love primo for the reason that the bounce back when coming of through pct is easy and smooth for me which allows for the body to hold those gains easier due to your bodys natural functions quickly returning. The gains made are almost completely kept if pct is done right of course :point_up:


@Iron_Junkie_Labs ugh I have 7.5 weeks left on this cut and am very ready for cheat meals already :joy::joy: and that primo sounds like the best choice if you can afford it. I’ll def have my gonof it some day.


@Fitraver yea it is pricey but definitely worth giving it a try because every body is different and therefore gains and reactions vary. For example timmy might have gotten great gains from Dbol but his buddy Ned using the same Dbol didnt get those results but when he used anadrol he blew up.


Haha love the analogy.


Ive been seeing the best results mixing long and short esters, for example running TEST E, TEST P and Suspension totaling 1G/1.2G a week in test and stacking it with TREN A and TREN E totaling 600mg/week in Tren.

Theory behind this is keeping my blood levels maxed at all times which ive found out produces the best results on a cycle for me assuming traning and diet are on point too.


I like whAt you said about dbol my guy at my gym had me running it like that, almost using it strictly as a pwo, despite what most people say when I researched it, n less sides with it using it once a day, cause like you enjoy saying, cookie-cutter method doesn’t work for everybody!


Def gotta run test, deca, and d-bol together bro! Its a classic mass gaining stack . You will love it. Tren is great for gaining as long as you stack it with test and eat for gains. It all comes down to eating enough and training hard enough to facilitate growth. People put too much emphasis on gear and not enough on diet. Currently eating 6000 cals and still constantly hungry lol


Bro… 6000 cals?? I could barely down 4500


@MBTJR1980 you got me sold. I’ll run that for my next bulk. Although after this cut I really want to keep it lean gains from now on. In 2 years I will have gone from 150 and 7% to 185-190 (hopefully 7% again after this cut). I’m done with the massive bulks haha. I was up to 5500 this last bulk and it was fun but got old and I gained a little more than I wanted. 185-190 I’m finally happy with and would like to just add a few lbs here and there keeping bf% down vs the big frictions.