Cycle Planner 3.7


Cycle Planner 3.7

I decided to post this so that new members can download it and existing users can update their version if necessary. over 500 downloads of the different versions so far.

this version has loads of features. users of earlier versions will notice i squeezed in an extra component column and the ability to enter 0 in the 'days following last component dose' box.

To use it you must download the file first - just click the link and save the .zip on your drive (i prefer to save to my desktop as a temporary place for such things). open the .zip (you might need winzip if you got an older operating system like windows 98) and extract the file. you can then open the extracted file with excel. if you have excel installed you should be able to double click the extracted file and excel will open it automatically.

PM me if you find any bugs and/or have any comments or suggestions and bump this thread if you like it and want others to use this tool. 

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