I’m not sure I got 3 of them and two are perfectly fine and this third one is not cooperating, but that’s life I guess I can’t control everything


I’m about to try oven thing now…


No problem my man hopefully you were able to get it back into solution. TNE has a tendency of crashing to a certain degree in my experience. No big deal though warm it up and gtg! Turns me straight savage preworkout ready to tear shit up!


Jus put it in oven…


Place directly on a burner. And heat. Shouldn’t take 5 mins shake every 10-15 secs. Keep a close eye to make sure you don’t pop the top. You can also stick a pin in the top to vent.


Well boys it dies not want to change for me, did it longer and higher temp then what @MBTJR1980 suggested, I first did what u said 220 ten-fifteen then I did 225 for another 15, so I will accept my loss, no I am not going back to the source, cause if they don’t react and give me something back I will get mad, I am not mad about it now and I aim to stay that way, 2 out of 3 bottle we’re fine, I just won’t use them anymore. Thanks for all the input from you guys on how to try to rectify the situation!!


Sorry bro i wish it helped!


maybe ime wrong so i just throwing it out there ,would it crash because the alcohol content evaporated ,


But why wouldn’t the other two do the same then?? Unless the mixture isn’t consistent


No problem brother, I asked for help and you guys gave me help, so it ain’t no thang but a chicken wang


dunno mate i just thought it was one


Yes it was just one but what I ment was why would only one of them do it and not all three do the same , meaning they were not made all the same, consistent like


ok get ya . sorry i didnt read your previouse post 2 out of 3


It’s cool bro


was it of a source on here ?


I have 4 TNE in my stash 3 are perfect one has crystallized a bit its just how delicate the oil based suspension is i just warm it up back into solution before i inject it no big deal for me


I haven’t had a prob with my normal srcs stuff but I tried a diff one, lesson learned, stick with what’s working


Good lesson learned bro


You could also try the ziplock bag method. Just place your vial in a sealed ziplock and let it sit for a little while in pot of hot water on the stove.


I straight up boiled it multiple times for over 20 mins occasionally taking it out shaking it