Crackdown on fake or paid reviews coming


This is not acceptable. We have been made aware of sponsors soliciting free gear and discounts for positive reviews only.

This leads to alot of fake bullshit trying to pump a sponsor and I am looking into it now. Members openly participating in this will recieve a demotion and not allowed into the sponsor categories.

Reviews need be honest and willingly given by the member. Even Amazon has this paid review shill problem.


Cant agree more my bro! Its def a huge pile of shit :poop: to pay for reviews! Good job being on top of everything all the time :facepunch:t2:


If this is true we really need to be more harsh on the sources.




Absolutely agree!


Oh no…I am waiting or thinking about a log using all sources gear…8weeks one SRC at a time. Testing will be tough but ill know overall if its good. Training , diet will be same. Same types of gear. I’m gonna do this regardless its just if I put it out there. Over the years I’ve s done so many combos. If the primo is deca…ill know by the way I feel, look. I might test a couple things and do a complete panel every 12 weeks or so for my own well-being.


I meant oh no I can’t believe that’s going on…I can believe nut I don’t want to. I’m gonna have to take all this hard earned stuff and …yep send it to a genetically gifted kid from Ghana…the next Bonac…


Do you know ED by any chance?
If you know who im talking about you will understand.
I don’t mean E D
I mean ED?


No and I don’t wanna…your freaking me out . I don’t Fezzik or dread pirate Roberts either…


ED is a guy who donates extra gear to the kids of Ghana. I thought you guys might be part of the same non profit lol