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Thats my view on it exactly, i mean ill let the people decide. But as of now the $25 per vial will definitely stir peoples interests i hope!
And your right i have heard it called trens little brother almost unique in strength and shredding but without the sides of tren. I heard the night sweats is a thing with 1-test cyp but im sure thats user dependent.


@capkeller here you go


Thanks @Fitraver :pray:


Ill hit the Anatrofin fast…even if I have to kép it gently heating all day😈 I used to like it at least.


Okay, I have a dumb question. I have the 1mg Arimidex but I want to take .5 every other day. What’s your advice anyone?


Is it capped?


It is capsules


I’d just open it and split it up be. He prolly used a filler, so you’re not gunna get it exact but it’ll still help keep you more stable even if the not 50/50 you’re still getting 1mg in two doses vs one.


Okay cool, that’s what I thought and that’s what I’m going to do.


Thanks @Fitraver for helping out my man!


And yes we use chocolate whey isolate protein powder as our filler


It’s like I’m learning all over again LOL. Been since the early 90s… Thanks for the advice! @Fitraver


Any time bro


LOL I asked the same thing about the Arimidex. I just crack open the tablet and pour it into a container. It would be nice if they offered it in .5 mg doseages :slight_smile:


.5mg doses would be hard to mix properly in caps so 1mg doses are the least we can go without sacrificing quality and the next thing would be having to mix it into everclear solution but nobody wants that :face_vomiting:


I never understood why people dont like oral liquid. Just mix with some cranberry juice and you cant taste a thing


Personally bro although I’m not a drinker at all I wouldn’t mind be imo liquid orals and ai’s are easier to does and adjust dies


I use liquid adex, put it in shake n drink right before bed


Thank you all for your recommendations! :clap:
We will definitely look into possibly carrying liquid orals for our Letrozole and Adex only as the rest are easy to dose like the exemestane at 12.5mg is perfect for eod dosing for me.


@Iron_Junkie_Labs just flavor with ora sweet. I believe has what it’s called. I’ve had liquid orals hat taste like candy.