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Cool. I’ll be patient then.


Good job! I didn’t want to seem impatient and ask him again, but you did so we tag team @Iron_Junkie_Labs so I will ask him next


Lol…Ok but your gonna have to wait at least a week.


next Monday I will ask him, then tag you in if he doesn’t have it, but that’s after I give him the “ stonecold stunner”


…then I’ll finish him off with the DDT.


Ha ha I was hoping u knew who/what I was talking about


Mtren 2mg/ml & 1-Test cyp 150mg/ml now in stock! :muscle: :boom:

IJL oils pricelist 10ml/vials

TNE (oil based) 100mg/ml - $30
Test P 150mg/ml - $30
Test E 300mg/ml - $40
Test C 300mg/ml - $40
Sust 350mg/ml - $45
1-Test Cyp 150mg/ml - $45
Dbol injectable 100mg/ml - $40
Winstrol injectable 75mg/ml - $40
Injectable Mtren 2mg/ml - $40
Deca Durabolin 300mg/ml - $45
NPP 200mg/ml (fast deca) - $40
EQ Cyp 200mg/ml - $40
Masteron P 100mg/ml - $45
Masteron E 200mg/ml - $60
Tren A 100mg/ml - $45
Tren E 200mg/ml - $60
Primobolan Enathate 200mg/ml - $125
Trestalone Acetate (Ment) 50mg/ml - $80

IJL orals & ancillaries pricelist (50 CAPS BER BAG)

D-bol 25mg/cap - $45
Superdrol 10mg/cap - $40
Anadrol 50mg/cap - $60
Winstrol 25mg/cap - $45
Turinabol 25mg/cap - $55
Anavar 25mg/cap - $65
Lady Anavar 10mg/cap - $35
Halotestin/fluoxymesterone 10mg/cap - $180
Armodafinil 50mg/cap - $100
Exemestane 12.5mg/cap - $45
Arimidex 1mg/cap - $45
Letrozole 1mg/cap - $45
Nolvadex 20mg/cap - $45
Clomid 25mg/cap - $45
Cialis 25mg/cap - $50
Proviron - 25mg/cap - $55
Pharma grade Signature brand cabaser .5mg per tab 4 tabs per pack - $30
Pharma Grade HCG Fertigyn 5000iu vial (unconstituted and comes with BAC water) - $60


Wooooooooo!!! So fucking pumped brother!!!


You had anyone run your 1 Test cyp? Just realized you carry that.


Haven’t ran that but I’ve ran a few of ther items and ther all smooth and no pip and are dosed accurately


No we just got it in the other day!


That stuff had my metabolism ON FIRE. It seriously made bulking hard haha.


Ohh so you have used before. Im interested in the compound, ive read that back in the day GNC had it on the shelf as a prohormone when prohormones we’re big and the FDA wasnt aware yet so it was a loop hole.


Yeah man. I have ran it. It’s heats you up like crazy and seriously my metabolism was on fire. I was having to eat over 5k cals to gain weight. I told myself next time I run it I would def do it on a cut. I think it would be amazing. The sides were very low. Maybe a little added anxiety but hat was it. Other than the sweating. I was hot all the time. I ran it at like 500 or 600 I think. I’ve heard people running it lower like 3-400 and seeing good results. It reminded me of a stronger eq. My strength was up a lot too, but granted I was eating a ton of food too. So strength on a cut would be a much better tell.


Sounds killer :muscle:
Im curious what mg per ml was it?


I ran 100 and it was in mig. It after I ran that the dude now makes it in 150 like yours. People have said no pip still.


Do you know if he uses Guaiacol to keep it in solution?


I do not believe so. That stuff normally causes pip right? I do not know how much solvent he uses either but as far as I know it wasn’t crashin still. I believe that was his experiment. Could he go to 150 from 100 without it crashing. But then again man, I used to rep for him, but we sort of fell apart. I haven’t kept up on it. I did go check his forum fast tho and people seem to be liking it still.

Did you try yours at 100 first or straight to 150? I def understand he want for 150, since I was pinning ed the 100 worked for me but higher concentration. Would be nice too. Was just wondering if 100 was crashing for you too.


its is normally supposed to cause pip as it being DHB derivative but yea i started it at 200mg/ml but that wasnt going to work so i reworked the recipe to make it 150 and it stayed in solution for 3 days after heating without showing signs of crystallizing but soon after put into vials we noticed crystals beginning to form gradually. But like some of our other products (inject orals, NPP) a simple heating and it is smooth and pip free now i say again i havent tried it personally but if its like our other products then it should be smooth going to, and i just posted a flash sale on it for $25 a vial on my page so peeps can try it for themselves.


THats awesome bro. I really wanna hear some people’s feedback. And yes, the big issue In The past with this compound was pip. It was very rare back in The day. People called it like a tren with less sides or stronger eq. Now people have found a way to get it in concentration without pip, with a big help being due to mig. The few sources I know that have it all use mig I believe. I would def say if you did want it without crystals 100 would def work, but I agree 150 is nicer for dosing if people can just heat it.

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