Contest Time! Guess PHD Weigh In


Quit digging I’ll post pics later


Haha I wasn’t digging. I was genuinely confused. I know you’ll wire me if you wanna share bro. Good luck today.


Damn millenials, no respect, no respect I tell you😭 , omg what would you of done waiting for 6 months for the mag to come out…send him a beta




I think its also important to keep everyone safe and anonymous. Otherwise we won’t have any more of the uncensored experience bestowed upon us. I’m not preaching I’m just stating this because I almost mentioned stuff myself. Even, “closer to the midget” if you know where look you can get info. I know this might sound stupid , especially when your at a certain level. I just thought I’d throw that out there. Its easy to get a bit comfortable because a small percentage of the people going to the site, make comments. I remember when I posted pics of a defunct(not my fault) stealth company and I had all my “karma” taken and I mean I almost had death threats. It was not erased right off the bat it must have been up for minutes or an hour…I don’t know but I just wanted to remind everyone.


so what was the weight? Its been long enough we want pictures and weight!


Late night tonight guys. His weight in was 195 making @rnmuscle the winner at a guess of 195.5.

Thanks everyone!


holy shit… thats amazining good job @rnmuscle


Congrats to the winner.


Congrats for the win. Great sponsor contribution here. Most importantly, congrats to @PHD for placing in the top 10. That’s amazing.