Contest prep around 9 weeks out


Daaaaamn looks like that elk meat is doing you right! Got legs like a fkn moose! Thats where the men are separated from the boys and you know someone is no joke in the gym when they have legs and calves that drop jaws! Awesome my bro :raised_hands:t2:


Takes a commitment as we all know. I didn’t have the commitment until 18 months ago when I broke my clavicle sparring and now I love to train legs.

Legs are the new arms to the gal pals… weak legs means a weak commitment to myself. :wink: I will never criticize an individual for having weak legs because I was in the boat. My hypocrisy only goes so far.

@PHD forearms have me on a new inspiration… I got to catch him!


@PHD looking great! 9 weeks is a lifetime for us.:speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil::see_no_evil: I know we hate to answer this but are you a lightheavy that weighs 203 at pre judging or do you end up still going heavy? I’ve done /seen amazing things in this game. Either way, you’ll be shredded I’m sure.


@rnmuscle thanks. The plan is light heavy as of no depending where my weight falls. If close to
Lhw we will make lhw and then fill back out. I’ve neber had anyone that has been able to fill me out. So hoping new approach works for me.


Its a fine line to be full and crisp and to spill over brotha! Im sure you know whats best for your body. Give them hell out there you are looking awesome!


You have what it takes and just by that strategy…you’ll kick some ass. I had a superhvy that placed high at juniors and was good. 2 requalifies I had to get to heavyweight , I couldn’t beat him if we both came in at super and crisp. I still have pics of me at 229 maybe And him at 240- 245. I looked bigger such is the illusion but I’d be so " scared" at 223 at weigh ins or whenever, I felt so skinny LOL. Every time the scale said 225. The sky was falling. I’m wondering is. Anyone adding lantus(glargine) during any “carb up period” ?


Looking great brother good luck


Thanks everyone.


Just for you @TrenGod and @John


But isn’t lantus glargine a long acting insulin? Wouldn’t you get more out of a short acting insulin during that short period? I have no personal experience with any insulin so I’m just curious, thanks


Yes you would want the short acting. Lantus from what I’ve seen is just a cheap version. Stick with your humalog in my opinion. But it’s a tricky process for loading for the stage. Did it years ago and didn’t see the benefit no extra pump or vascularity. Offseason I love it!