Cheat meal / Cheat day / Carb loading


Well i guess it depends upon your particular circumstances and purpose; just a meal…or a whole day. But one thing i have certainly learnt : no pigging out, what i mean to say is not do something without control and disregard; even the cheating meal or day must be well structured. This is what i will do: tomorrow load up on carbs all day…pasta, pizza…no sweets yet. i wanna load up for the week, which will be low carb again without loosing what i have gained and repeat next week end as i start getting ready for the show.
How do you program your cheat meal or day?
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For me cheating is an action done with deceptive intent. I do not consider something that is planned for physical, mental or emotional support as cheating. No deceptive intent… no cheating.


Which show are you doing? Did we already talk about this?


Yes we did. Muscle beach classic, master’s physique, October 20th


Oh shit so you got awhile still!!! Holy shit you’re staying on 30g carbs for months still? Or this is a trial run?


I was way too bloated after that cycle… gotta stay lean and muscular


Without looking back to your actual macros if you have posted them… How many grams of fat and protein are you getting on a daily basis?


230 protein
10 fat at the most for the time of extreme diet


How many grams of fat?


@pastor no worder your energy levels are in the cellar. You are neither intaking enough carbohydrates to build up glycogen storage nor are you consuming enough fats to convert fatty acids into ketones. You are stuck in metabolic processes called gluconeogenesis. That is the process of converting proteins into glucose.

If I was in this position I would either choose to carb feed within reason or go strict keto. Where you are at right now in my opinion is risking losing muscle through catabolism and storing additional body fat.


Thank you so much


I def agree 110% with SemperFi you are not eating enough at all. Fats are essential in your diet without them you will lose muscle and wont be able to burn fat efficiently plus overall feel like shit. And lets not forget that your body uses them to create anabolic hormones and regulate metabolism. If you are gonna stay low carb then you should have at least 30% of your total cals coming from healthy fat sources like extra virgin olive oil, macadamia nut oil, all natural pb or almond butter, almonds, walnuts, whole omega eggs, butter made from grass fed beef. Then after making that adjustment i would do a carb refeed for a few days where you take in at least double your bodyweight in carbs.