Changed everything


I was playing with my dogs and a great answer came to me: I have a yorkie, strong real fast , can jump real high, then i have a boxer , he pulls weights , he is very lean and heavy for the average boxer, still fast, has great agility; i also have a bullmstiff…he is heavy, only at 10 weeks old he is amazingly strong. I said wait a minute i ain’t no bullmastiff…am like Samson my boxer…well …i have 6 weeks left of this cycle and i did a lot to become like ARLO, my bullmastiff. in the middle of the cycle i included a series of short esters to increase size, also since i train more frequently i have been doing more TNE and is very hard to control estrogens like that and all the preparation thru the blood work will be totally off. well so i decided the following: changed the whole work out for more super sets up to giant sets, increased the cardio, the last meal is veggies for carbs ( ther rest of the day is still chkn and rice). Also dropped the npp and the TNE…after a few days …i feel great, lost about a pound and a half but gained a lot on the mirror